Acupressure has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. In fact, a 2019 study, showed that back pain was decreased by 35% in small study group.

Today, we’re going to show you 11 acupressure points for back pain relief.

This technique of relieving back pain is without any negative effects. All you’ve got to do is to regularly apply strong pressure on certain parts and you’ll get more relief in back pain.

If the pressure points are applied in a day-to-day routine, acupressure points can easily relieve back pain. But, you should first understand the correct technique of applying pressure to the points for back pain.

If you apply them in the wrong method, you can harm yourself, so do your research and check with your doctors. We are not professionals!

Here are several acupressure points to relieve back pain. Here we go!

Stomach Point

If you want to relieve lower back pain, stomach point is extremely useful. You can look for this acupressure point under your belly button (also known as the Navel). The Stomach Point is also known as the point for Sea of Energy.

The correct location for the Stomach Point is just under your Navel. You can simply locate it 2 fingers below your belly button.

Applying strong pressure on Sea of Energy point (Stomach Point) would be advantageous preventing a lot of lower back issues, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and lowering weakness of your lower back.

The Stomach Point Acupressure Points


Lower Back Points

Another excellent pressure point is the lower back points. It is extremely good in providing relief in sciatica and in lower back pain. You can locate the lower back points near the spine. This acupressure point is also called as Sea of Vitality.

You can help heal sciatica, fatigue, and aches in the lower back if you apply the right pressure on Acupressure lower back points for back pain.

Keep in mind that you should not apply any pressure to lower back points if the back of the patient is weak. If you’ve got weak back, before you allow other people to apply acupressure to your lower back points, you should first consult a doctor or a medical professional.

The Lower Back Point Acupuncture Points

Hipbone Points

This acupressure point is extremely useful in lowering pelvic tension and hip pain. You can locate this acupressure point near your hipbone. The hipbone points are also known as Vitals and Womb. Hipbone Points are precisely situated in the top of the hipbone and the middle of the buttock’s base.

You can provide relief in pelvic stress, sciatica, lower back pain, and hip pain if you apply gentle pressure on the vitals and womb (hipbone points).

The Hip Bone Point Acupressure Point

Knee Back Points

If you want to lower knee pain and stiffness in the back, then knee back points are the acupressure you need. Acupressure knee back points are located behind the knee cap. It is also known as the Commanding Middle.

You can help relieve arthritis in the knee, sciatica, arthritis in hips, knee pain, arthritis in back, stiffness in back, and back pain if you apply strong pressure on knee back points.

The Knee Back Point

Urinary Bladder 23

Acupressure point Urinary Bladder 23 (UB23) is also known as the kidney tonification point. It’s one of the crucial acupressure points of lower back pain. By lowering muscle tension UB23 offers lasting relief from lower back pain if you stimulate it. Of course, it feels great.

Apply medium pressure on this point and rub it for around 1 up to 2 minutes. You will be able to relax into the treatment a lot better if you could have another person do it for you.

You can locate this point on the bladder line. The bladder line is located in the middle of your waist.

The Urinary Bladder 23 Point Acupressure Points

Gallbladder 30

Stimulate Gallbladder 30 by Pressing into Your Butt

Another vital focal point for the relief of back pain and releasing tension carried from the hips and low back is Gallbladder 30. GB30 relieves pain in the legs, hips, and lumbar spine. In addition to that, it helps in increasing overall circulation.

You can locate this point in the soft area of your buttocks.

Urinary Bladder 40

This acupressure point is a soft point that greatly helps with almost every pain sensation along the spine. You can relieve lower back pain and stiffness if you stimulate this point on both legs. This is particularly true if the pain symptoms are caused by sciatica and herniated discs.

Also, it’s helpful for managing leg pain, arthritis in the surrounding areas, knee stiffness, muscle spasms, and can help release body heat.

You can locate this point in the back of the knee in the middle of the crease.

The Urinary Bladder 40 Point Acupressure Points

Large Intestine 4

Large intestine 4 is possibly the most popular acupressure point. This is the primary pain point in the body. It could help relieve almost every pain syndrome. This is particularly true whenever it is combined with other local back pain points. It is soft. You should press this point for 1 up to 2 minutes and you can repeat the process if required.

You can locate this point in the fleshy webbing between the thumb and pointer finger.

Urinary Bladder 62

UB62, also known as the extending vessel, is said to stabilize the spirit mind and release tension in your lumbar area. This makes this point an excellent choice to relieve anxiety caused by acute back pain. You can find this point on your foot.

Every lower foot point is great in relieving back pain. That is why reflexology can be extremely helpful in lumbar spasms.

You can locate this point in the fleshy depression situated outside your ankle bone or under the lateral bone. You can relieve stiffness if you stimulate this point on both feet.

The Large Intestine 4 Point Acupressure Points

Hand Point

Hand point is extremely directly linked to stiffness and stress in the back. But, this acupressure point can only heal your back pain whenever you’re lying down. Thus, you should first lie down on a flat surface.

Then, look for the hand point. It is located between the thumb and the index finger. Next, apply strong pressure on this point for several seconds. To get a better result, you can repeat this process 2 up to 3 times.

Regularly applying pressure on the hand point will help relieve stiffness in back and stress, only if you follow the instructions properly.

Foot Points (Sitting and Sleeping)

One effective point in reducing back pain is the acupressure foot points. This acupressure point is divided into 2 parts. The first is the foot point while sitting (located in the bottom of your foot) and the second one is the foot point while sleeping (located between your second toe and big toe).

You can get back pain relief if you apply soft pressure on foot point. It will also help you to heal faster. If you massage it, it will help you feel relax and lower the back pain.

When you use these acupressure points, you can follow a sequence or combine all the acupressure points. Take your time and do not rush. Touch the points and apply the required pressure. These methods will help relieve immediate pain.


Acupressure has been used in Chinese medicine for 2,000 years. To be in use that long, there has to be some merit to it.

Try some of these techniques, and comment below to let us know if they work!

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