The 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Homall Gaming Chair

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Looking for the best gaming chair for back pain and don’t have time to read this entire gaming chair review? The Homall Gaming Chair is my top pick because it has all the qualities that you need at a price that won’t let you cash in all your savings!

It has a body-hugging design that works best for people with bad posture. Its reclining and swivel mechanism are smooth on any flat surfaces which makes it a totally good addition to your office or gaming room. Get one now and rise up your competition!

Comparison Chart

Homall Gaming Chair
Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair
Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair
GTRACING Gaming Office Chair Game
Essentials Gaming Chair ESS-3085
Price Range:
Pros:Maximum head and upper body support

Breathable mesh cover; arched armrestsMassage modes; thick cushionRocking function; high range adjustabilityFlip-up arms; segmented comfy padding
Cons:Other colors don’t have adjustable armrestsDoes not lock into a reclined positionKind of hard to assemble Takes a while to put togetherNot for tall people
Bottom Line:Perfect for long torso with slender waistIdeal for short torso with bigger waistThe widest and longest seat for tall, plus-size guysThe most flexible chairBest looking gaming chair
Height:49.5”-52.5”44”-48”50”-53.1” 48.8”-52” 44.5”-48.25”
Seat Width:14.5” 20.86” 16.5” 19.68” 20”
Seat Depth:19.5” 20.4” 22.8” 15.35” 19.5”
Backrest Height:33” 28.43” 34.2” 32.5” 29.5”
Backrest Width:14.5” 20.47” 20.8” 21.5” 19.75”
Capacity:300 lbs. 280 lbs. 280 lbs. 300 lbs. 250 lbs.
Materials:Steel frame, PU leather Hard molded plastic frame, PU leather, mesh coverMetal frame, PU leatherMetal frame, Mesh and PVC coverMolded plastic with steel insert frame, SoftThread leather

How to Choose a Gaming Chair for Back Pain?

[Product relevance last revised: 08 April 2021]

So you want to find out the best gaming chairs for gamers who have back pain?

Sitting for a long period of time causes tension on your neck and back that can result in postural stress which is one of the reasons for chronic back pain.

Gamers who are always leaning or bending towards the screen, elbows on the table or concentrating on the controller, and having their bottom on a tough seat, most of the time suffer from upper or lower back pain.

To aid you in your gaming adventure, I present 5 awesome, comfortable gaming chairs where you can spend your day or night gaming without having to bear a strain in your back.

They are ranked according to their functionality, quality, and price.

The 5 Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Best review tip
Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

This racing style gaming chair is very popular for a variety of reasons and one of them is because of its back curve that resembles a human back.

The body-hugging design of this gaming chair improves a user’s posture as it allows their spine to get back to its original shape when sitting in a 90-degree angle.

You can sit comfortably in this gaming chair without having to worry about pain on your neck or lower back as it comes with a detachable neck and lumbar pillows to support these areas. To save your bottom from aching after long hours of sitting, it has a thickly padded seating area that’s soft and comfy.

To keep you up straight while focusing on your game, the armrests from each side supports your arms and elbows so they don’t feel numb for overusing.

If you want an ergonomic gaming chair that supports your whole upper body, I highly recommend this one. It generally has the best performance among others while maintaining a reasonable price range.

Portability 83%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 91%

People with short to average torso length should consider this gaming chair. It features a curve on the lower back area to prevent lower back pain.

Although cheap, this budget gaming chair offers a smooth gliding motion on the floor using its 5-wheel casters.

Reclining is made easy as well with push-in and -out knob under the cushion. Its mesh cover is breathable so you don’t feel uncomfortable when your back gets sweaty.

What specifically stands out about this chair is its long and arched armrests that extends all the way down so you can rest your hands while playing.

As it is a pneumatic or air-filled chair, it is not recommended to be used by someone that weighs above its weight capacity to maintain its original seating level over time.

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

If you can double your massager chair into a gaming chair, you would seriously pay a lot of money.

Thankfully, this gaming chair that has a massager doesn’t cost you that much yet still works powerfully like a handheld massager.

This gaming chair has all the nice qualities of what you need in a specialized chair. It includes a headrest, armrests, and even an extendable footrest! Its large seating area can accommodate any person decently.

If you were previously bummed out by other chairs that have a thin cushion which is painful to your butt, this pad of seat has thick but soft upholstery that remains comfortable after a long hour of sitting.

In regards to quality, it is known to last for several years, with a very supportive customer service to back you with your issues.

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Should you use a Gaming Chair for Playing Games?

You could actually just use an ordinary chair when you play games BUT they are not guaranteed to provide you the support and comfort in sitting or moving for long hours.

The bucket design of gaming chairs are intended for those who use game controllers and their adjustable backrest and armrests are made to accommodate a user’s preferred angle and arm height.

DXRacer first introduced these chair that took the market of gamers by storm. The reclining angle of a gaming chair can go up to 180 degrees, which also makes it usable for taking a rest or a nap between games.

Is it Worth it Using a Gaming Chair?

A good gaming chair must have a strong base in order for it to provide safety for users. Metal frames like steel are the most common material to use and it needs a tough construction for a durable support.

The cushion of the chair must be at the right density which means that it must not be too soft or too hard. It depends on the person’s choice how firm they want their cushion to be, but an extremely tough foam is painful on the butt while the softer one gets you to feel the metal frames inside which is equally not good either.

The size of the whole chair also matters. If you’re a bigger guy and you want your chair to be wide enough for your body, choose a chair that has a wider backrest and seat dimension.

A great gaming chair must be adjustable. The flexibility of a gaming chair is what makes it a gaming chair. Otherwise, it’s just an ordinary office chair.

This means that its armrests must be pulled up and pushed down, the backrest must be reclined to your preferred angle, and the seat must be adjusted to your height of choice.

It should have a good weight capacity. A gaming chair’s weight capacity ranges from 250-300 pounds while the heavy-duty ones can hold up to 500 pounds.

If the chair promises to have this weight limit but breaks the instant you sit on it when you weigh not more than its limit, then it’s a worthless thing to buy.

How Do You Know if Your Torso Fits Perfectly in Your Gaming Chair?

There have been many complaints by people who realized that their torso is long or short enough for the gaming chair backrest that they bought and it’s one of the reasons why a product is not usable. To avoid the hassles of replacements and refunds, here are the steps to tell if your torso can fit the chair:

  1. Get a measuring stick or tape measure.
  2. Sit up straight on a flat chair facing a full-body mirror.
  3. Measure the top of your head to the surface of the seat. Ask a friend to help you to get an accurate result.
  4. Next, measure your hip horizontally.
  5. Now that you have your torso measurements, look for a gaming chair that has longer or wider backrest than your upper body. Be sure that you get enough space to move by allowing at least 3 inches wide on each side.

How to Sit in a Gaming Chair to prevent Back Pain?

It depends on how “fully reclined” you are. Lying back on a 150-degree angle might be the fully reclined position to some while others can only commit to 120. It is not recommended that you play games at a 150-degree angle especially if your screen is not on eye level as this can strain your neck so bad.

The highly suggested angle to play is 90 degrees, which means that you have to sit up straight. You can recline from time to time but be sure that you won’t spend a whole day playing games while in this position.

The reclining angles of these recliner chairs are mostly for the purpose of resting your back and shoulders.

What Gaming Chair to Get for Good Posture?

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

This ergonomic gaming chair with a back pillow lets you swivel on the floor without a hassle.

Most importantly, it holds your upper body in a correct posture so you don’t strain your neck, lumbar area, and the upper back. Here are its other features that make it an absolute best buy:

  • It has a thick padded seat with PU leather cover
  • 5-wheel casters with protective rubber cover to avoid scratching the floor
  • It features a sturdy steel frame that increases its lifespan
  • Thick, high-density seat foam
  • Uses a class-3 explosion-proof gas lift
  • Maximum head and upper body support

  • Very comfortable to sit on the chair

  • Easy to assemble

  • Other colors don’t have adjustable armrests

  • A little wobbly

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

If you’re a shorter person or have a shorter torso and a long backrest is too uncomfortable for you, this gaming chair is ideal to be used. You get these cool features while saving some cash at the same time:

  • The cover is made from wear-resistant PU leather with breathable middle mesh cloth
  • Caster is made from 5-star, 360-degree swivel wheels
  • Easy pull-in and out reclining mechanism
  • Adjustable seat flexibility
  • Highlights arched armrests
  • Backed with 30-day money back guarantee
  • Breathable mesh cover

  • Arched armrests

  • Great lumbar support

  • Does not lock into a reclined position

  • Some bolts are a pain to work with

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

This all-in-one gaming chair with armrests and foot rest massages your back and lets you rest your foot while you play your games.

It literally provides double comfort, if not more. It may be priced higher than everything on this list, yet it’s not that expensive as when you buy a whole massage chair.

  • It is a PU leather chair
  • It comes with a lumbar cushion, neck pillow, and retractable footrest
  • The lumbar pillow has 2 massage modes
  • Uses an SGS-certified Gas Spring
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable wide and thick armrests
  • High weight capacity
  • Massage modes

  • Thick cushion

  • Awesome leg rest that pops out

  • Kind of hard to assemble

  • Massage is cheap and noisy

Portability 82%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 81%

Sitting on this gaming chair feels like you’re driving a racing car. Level up your games with a relaxed body by delightful features and hard-wearing quality:

  • Solid metal frame for a long-lasting support
  • Easy to clean artificial leather
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable backrest and armrests
  • 5-point base smooth gliding casters
  • Easy rocking system
  • Simple right-hand control lever for reclining
  • Affordable price for a gaming office chair

  • Rocking function

  • High range adjustability

  • Takes a while to put together

  • No padding on arm rests

Portability 80%
Adjustability 89%
Comfort 86%

Every part of this seat is cushioned which makes it a very comfortable spot of spending your time. It’s the second cheapest item in this list, with cool qualities like:

  • SoftThread leather upholstery
  • Breathable colored mesh cover
  • Body-contoured segmented padding
  • Reliable caster roll
  • Effortless tilt and swivel motion
  • 7 color options
  • Flip-up arms

  • Segmented comfy padding

  • Fast and easy assembly

  • Sturdy

  • Not for tall people

User Impressions

Previous users have testimonies about the back pain gaming chairs above which mostly talk about their performance, quality, and value for money.

Homall Gaming Chair

People initially can’t believe at how this product is priced at an average range when it works at a maximum performance. The only complaint is that its armrests are pretty short and not adjustable.

Furmax Racing Gaming Chair

Users like this chair’s arched armrests which are different by the usual stand-in armrests of other chairs. However, tall users can’t seem to sit comfortably in it because it lacks a long headrest which makes this a product preferably for people with a short torso.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This chair’s all-in-one features give ultimate comfort to any size users. Some users, however, I wish the seat is a lot softer.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

The backrest and armrests of this chair have a superb quality which users love. Bigger people, however, noted that this chair is for slender people only.

Essentials Gaming Chair ESS-3085

The appearance and quality of this chair make it a winner for some buyers. It’s also a lot cheaper which adds to its score. Just make sure that you assemble it tightly so it won’t make a lot of noise when you’re sitting on it.

Concluding this Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Good Posture Review

I hope this gaming chair review has helped you find a gaming chair that is good for your back – letting you play your favorite game for hours upon end!

Homall Gaming Chair

top pick best review

The best gaming chair for back pain available is hands down the Homall Gaming Chair.

It has a body-hugging design that works best for people with bad posture. Its reclining and swivel mechanism are smooth on any flat surfaces which makes it a totally good addition to your office or gaming room. Get one now and rise up your competition!
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