what are the greatest tools to have in the kitchen for someone with chronic pain pinterestSpending time in the kitchen is inevitable, no matter who you are. For some people, maybe living alone, it is required to put a lot of effort in both preparing and making food.

Finding shortcuts such as buying pre-made food isn’t viable in the long term because it tends to get more expensive, and those kinds of meals usually contain a lot of salt.

Since chronic illness can come in many shapes and forms, I take a very general approach in these picks and some might benefit others more than others. I will try to list both cheap and some more high-end products.

1. An Easy to Clean/Use Garlic Press

If you are someone that uses garlic to every meal, both cleaning and using a garlic press can be a tedious process, especially if you have weak hands.

2. An Automatic Jar Opener for All Jar-sizes

Well, isn’t it frustrating being home alone with that jar of something just standing in front of you with a smirk? Opening a jar can be a challenge for a lot of people, especially someone that is considered weaker than most.

3. A Multipurpose Vegetable Chopper

This device lets you slice, dice, chop, shredder, and some more functions pretty much with ease. It has great rubber feet that holds it in place so you won’t need to worry about it sliding around.

Also, it has a great hand-protection so that you can use it safely.

4. Magnetic Measuring Cups

This might be a stretch, but as someone ALWAYS digging around in my kitchen drawers looking for the right size, these measuring cups always keep together and also had a nice grip to them.

5. Rocking Knife

Well, didn’t chopping become a lot easier? And a lot more fun. These types of knives demand a lot less strength added and can be rocked back and forth to chop even some more demanding things.

6. Cutting Board with Pivot Knife

Really cool and innovative cutting board with an attached knife to release the burden of cutting anything with at least 50%. The knife is easily detachable for cleaning.

7. Pizza Cutter

Don’t rule this piece of equipment out if you’re not a pizza person! A pizza cutter/roller can be used for a lot of things! Like herbs and sandwiches!

8. Slow Cooker

Well, a slow cooker is probably the most versatile device yet. Just throw whatever inside and just wait a few hours and it’s ready to consume!

9. Kitchen Aid Mixer

This is probably the best on the list, but also a bit expensive. And only quite necessary if you like to bake a lot. So, if you love homemade bread, this kitchen aid is a lifesaver. Buying this equipment for your kitchen will let you make bread without any stirring or kneading – which can be really troublesome.

10. Memory Foam Mat

If you have a kitchen with a tile floor or something similar with high density, this memory foam mat can be a lifesaver to your feet, legs, and back!

It’s not only good for relieving pain but also great from preventing further pain.

11. Cheese Grater/Drum Slicer

A great tool for rotary cheese grating – can also be used with all kinds of vegetables and nuts. Even potatoes are great to use in a device like this!

>> Is there a tool missing from this list? Comment down below and I will add it! <<

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