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Stop Exposing Your Neck to These Things!

Your neck is the cradle of the universe. Contemplate that for a moment.  Each one of us carries around a small universe within ourselves and it is the responsibility of the neck to support this universe.  The brain, that small and mysterious organ where all hopes, dreams, memories, fears, and desires are stored, THAT is your universe.  You are the person you are because of each

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair (and other rehabilitation equipment)

Whether you have access to a massage chair, massage therapist, foam roll, lacrosse ball, or other massage devices the benefits vary but all have a lot of similarities. There are many pieces of rehabilitation equipment out there available for home and clinical use. With all of these offerings at various price points and function, there is something for everyone to benefit from massage. The benefits of massage

How Can Yoga Ease Back Pain

Everything I teach in this article, when done correctly, will not only ease pain in the back but break up your day and decrease your stress. You will help heal your back all while creating new neural pathways that will decrease pain and discomfort in the future. The mind and body are connected in fascinating ways and what better way to learn about oneself than with

How to Prepare for a Pain-Free Summer [Infographic!]

I am actually trying a new approach to my blogging style. I have been looking around at Pinterest and seen a lot of those Infographics. Me not being very invested in social media trends found them very visually cool and useful. I did have some remarks to many of them, while I totally understand the concept the information on a lot of the infographics on Pinterest