Editors comment: I felt like I need to explain a bit of background before I advise you to read on. I had a bit of contact with Isabella before she wanted to write her story. At the time of our initial contact, she was still in pain. I suggested to her to try Dr. Sarno’s book and I feel that it was a huge boost in her way to recovery. I couldn’t do much more without infringing on her current doctors’ advice besides giving moral support. I suggest you really trying to read between the lines to really figure out the depression and social anxiety that Isabella went through before realizing that there was a life outside of the pain. 

Although this success story doesn’t in detail describe what actually helped her combat her back pain, it’s a remarkable story about how the impact and relief of back pain can change a person’s life!


My name is Isabella. I have had back pains for approximately 14 years by now, and I’m closing in on 28. In the beginning, no doctor would believe me. It wasn’t until I was 17 years old that I did my first Spinal X, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with my spine or the cause of my back problems.

I have in the past few years done a couple of new MRI’s and even computer tomography. No one could find the source of the pain.

I got to see a surgeon that was as clueless as the rest of them but gave it a guess that it was my muscles and joints that was the cause of the pain. Because I got increasingly worse by time and no painkillers helped me, I got to see another surgeon that sent me to MRI.

He talked about some white areas around my discs that looked weird (I am terribly sore around those discs) and mentioned that it could be the cause of a disease.

The pain limited me a lot in my everyday life, and I had to pass on things that I didn’t manage to participate in. As a girl in her early 20’s, the one thing that took the biggest toll on me was to continuously drift away from my social life.

I couldn’t walk without risking getting spasms in my lower back, and I also experienced a painful stiffness in my back. I get a sciatica-like pain in my leg and my left arm used to go numb from time to time. I couldn’t either sit down or lie down for too long.

The thing that helped me was using either a back brace for lumbar support or one of my heating pads.

I tried almost everything in the sphere of physical therapy, and I was also active in some sports activities, that I had to stop doing – resulting in me losing a big part of my social life.

Isabella’s back pain started very early and
no doctor took her pain seriously.

The way that worked the best for me was actually when I walked at a faster pace.

Jumping to the past couple of months, I went to the hospital with an acute pain and didn’t really know what to do at that point.

I got to see a doctor which prescribed me some painkillers and told me to come back if the acute pain returned. The painkillers did relieve the pain a bit, but I started to feel a new kind of pain, which I can most accurately describe as a kind of chill running up and down my spine and out in my arms. It resulted in a huge lack of sleep. It could appear at the most inconvenient of times and resulted in me staying home for the fear of my pain occurring in public places.

Fast forward to now, when, but some reason my pain just stopped. I really cannot explain it – but I actually started dating someone very seriously that kind of motivated my mindset in really getting on the right side of my back pain.

The thing that helped me a lot was actually, and as mentioned above, fast-paced activities. I did some swimming and some cross-trainer workouts when I felt like I was capable of doing so, never tried to push myself doing it – I only did it when I felt I was mentally and physically able.

The way I got in contact with this website was through the article “The 5 best books in dealing with back pain” and I bought the first book in that list “Healing Back Pain” by John Sarno. It has greatly helped me with my combat with back pain and I have gained the weight that I lost during my more depressed periods in my life.

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