Massaging Drivers Seat with Heat


Drive in comfort with the Massaging Drivers Seat car cushion and it’s integrated heating.

This is the perfect product for anyone that gets uncomfortable or experiences back pain while driving.

Conforming to the curvature of your back, you’ll experience comfort for the entirety of your Sunday drive.

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The Massaging Driver’s Seat with integrated heating is perfect for a relaxing drive.

Integrating the proprietary backrest technology, this premium driver’s seat cushion will conform to the natural shape of your back, provide support, a comforting massage, and relieving heat all while helping you maintain better posture.

The premium automotive seat cushion provides and adjustable lumbar support and has multiple pre-programmed massage settings to provide personalized comfort for almost anyone’s preferences. The heated seat cushion will provide a relaxing heat and/or warm posterior in those cold winter months.

  • Adjustable lumbar pad provides personalized comfort and support
  • Pre-programmed massage options
  • LED touchpad controller stores neatly in integrated pocket
  • Seat heater enhances comfort in cold weather
  • Breathable mesh fabric allows cooling air flow through cushion
  • 3-Way auto shut-off safety features
  • Includes 12 Volt DC and 110 Volt AC Adaptors * 1 year warranty
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