The 5 Best Recliner Chairs for Disabled and Handicapped Persons

Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair

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Looking for the best recliner chair for disabled and handicapped persons and want to get the answer fast, no time reading this whole handicapped and recliner chair review? The top pick I can recommend to you is the Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair.

 It’s a recliner chair that has a smooth release mechanism that sends you straight to your ultimate comfort zone by a gentle and effortless-free pull.  It has a bonded leather match and overstuffed arms, seats, and back for a great sink-in feeling while keeping the feeling that you’re always able to exit it. It demands a minimum amount of effort to navigate the recliner, great for people that are limited abled.

Comparison Chart

Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner
Homall Recliner Sofa Chair
Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair
Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Recliner
FDW Recliner Chair
Price Range:
Pros:Effortless swivelingLong armrestThick upholsteryLong backrestStrong frame construction
Cons:A bit lower seating angleThin faux leatherExpensive price Thin cushionSeating area is a bit narrow
Bottom Line:Best quality for convenient useGreat price, great productVery comfortable to sit on Perfect for shorter adults Ideal to be used in sleeping or lounging
Dimension:40 x 32.8 x 41 in.27.6 x 35.8 x 38.6 in.38 x 37.5 x 38.5 in.27.2 x 39 x 37.5 in. 27.5 x 34.5 x 40.5 in.
Capacity:265 lbs.265 lbs.265 lbs.230 lbs.250 lbs.
Item Weight:58 lbs.55 lbs.74 lbs.44 lbs.58 lbs.
Materials:PU Leather, Mahogany BaseTufted Fabric, Steel FrameBonded Leather, Steel FrameVinyl leather, Steel FramePU Leather, Wood base

Should You Buy a Recliner Chair for Someone That Is Disabled?

[Product relevance last revised: 3 September 2021]

So you want to find out the best recliner chairs to be used by disabled people or a recliner chair for someone handicapped. A recliner chair can help a person be seated in a range of positions like fully extending the feet to fully reclining the back for daily naps. Since most of PWDs or Persons-with-Disability can have the struggle to transfer from one chair to another just to attain a comfortable resting spot, a recliner chair is truly a life-changing item to them.

A recliner chair must have the support, comfort, and at the same time, offers an aid to you or your loved ones’ disability needs. To give you ideas about the best brands of these recliner chairs, I reviewed 5 recliner chairs with power lift that have the criteria written above.

Also, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use massage chair, I’ve written about that as well!

The 5 Best Recliner Chairs for Disabled Person

Best review tip
Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

The overstuffed upholstery of this recliner lift chair provides its user the ultimate comfort. It uses a steel frame which enhances its strength. The traditional yet stylish design of this chair blends in any classic home color.

Looks aside, this chair gives you an option for a power recliner or manual recliner which is convenient to be used by persons with any kind of disability. With just a single pull, the power recliner sends you to your most comfortable position. The built-in footrest is foldable and can be bent down if you’re not using it.

Its bonded leather gives warmth when it’s cold and coolness when it’s warm, perfect to be used as a recliner chair by handicapped/disabled people who are temperature-sensitive. This power lift recliner chair is perfect for PWDs, as it can support all sides of their body without having to watch over them from time to time.

Portability 83%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 91%

If you opt for a cheaper brand but with a quality that equals the expensive ones, the Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat gives you the same comfort as the other name brands. It features attractive PU leather upholstery with a curved armrest. Its footrest is retractable to suit your needs.

The dual stitching closed the cover material of the seat, making it resilient to tearing. This budget recliner chair’s frame uses heavy-duty steel that gives an increase to its weight capacity.

Another thing to like is its hypoallergenic leather, keeping it from bad odors due to sweat and room dirt.

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

This recliner and ottoman set are overfilled with a softness of its thick padded arms and seat with durable leather cover. It has integrated headrest that allows you to stay your head in place whilst you’re watching TV or taking a nap. The armrest might be short for people with longer arms, but it has wide seating space where you can comfortably rest your arms on the side if this chair’s arm length can’t fully accommodate your arms.

This chair uses a lever to recline which it was constantly reviewed by users to be smooth even when frequently used. Quality-wise, this easy to use recliner chair is better than physical store-bought brands.

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What are the Types of Recliner Chairs for Someone Disabled and Which One do you Need?

There are many types of easy maneuvered recliner chairs and I would only mention 5 in this list as the others are used by children and some are not fitting to be used by disabled persons, so here are some options that should determine what type of recliner you should use.

  1. Rocker Recliner. This lets you rock yourself back and forth with a fullback and lumbar support. This is an ideal gift to PWDs who feel relaxed in a rocking motion.
  2. Wall-Hugger Recliner. Wall recliners have perfect recliner chair dimensions for small spaces as they are significantly smaller than conventional recliners. If you have a small house and a user is a small person, wall-hugger recliners are the best to use.
  3. Swivel Recliner. This recliner chair lets you face any direction using its smooth gliding motion. This can be placed in an area with different views so the person who uses it can have many views without shifting in a different chair.
  4. Power Recliner. This type of recliner allows the user to adjust the parts of the recliner chairlift with a touch of a button. The headrest or footrest of a power recliner chair can be extended or folded down individually unlike the manual recliner which is extended as a single unit.
  5. Lift Recliner. This is specially made for individuals who have difficulty in reaching for things as it can be lifted from its base. It is ideal to be used by PWDs who have knee or leg problems.

Why You Should Own a Recliner Chair if You’re Handicapped or Disabled

If you have a disability or you know someone who does, a recliner chair is essentially one of the things that you must own (or give) and here are the reasons why:

  • A recliner chair provides support to a disabled person with only a minimal help from other people. Instead of having to ask someone to pull the backrest up or down, they can just do it on their own. Now I’m not saying that owning a recliner chair must lessen the support you give to your disabled loved one, it’s just really nice to see that they can do little things on their own and I’m sure they love to be able to control these little things as well. The recliner chair is often used by PWDs who have knee or leg problems – meaning it lessens the burden on the ligaments and can both prevent and easy any type of pain in these areas.
  • Using a recliner chair gives customized comfort that a chair and bed can offer. You can use it while watching TV, reading, napping, sleeping, and just any other things that you can do with a bed and a chair combined.
  • Aside from the support and comfort it gives, a recliner chair eases pressure points of someone who is suffering from chronic pain like back, neck, or leg pain.
  • A recliner chair is safe to use, unlike the traditional chair we commonly have. It can accommodate the whole body of an individual and they have a low chance of falling from it compare to the usual rocking chair.

What Materials Should I Look for in a Recliner Chair?

The materials that a recliner chair is made of have a say to the overall quality of the chair. Here are the commonly used materials and their contribution to the longevity of the product:

  • PU Leather or Polyurethane is man-made leather that is commonly used in clothes, bags, or furniture coverings. It is cheaper than real leather because it doesn’t have any animal product. It is soft and supple, much lighter than the real one, waterproof, and can be dry-cleaned which makes it easier to maintain. However, as the other synthetic materials, it uses more toxic chemicals that are detrimental to people and the environment.
  • Leatherette is made with vinyl and is generally softer than the real one. The only downside in buying a leatherette recliner chair is it feels even colder in the winter and hotter during warm seasons.
  • Bonded Leather, otherwise known as reconstituted leather, is a synthetic upholstery material that contains animal hide, fiber or paper backer, a pulp from shredded leather, blended together in PU coating. In other words, bonded leather is made from scraps of other materials including plastic. Since it is made from recycled items, it is generally cheaper than real leather. This type of cover feels less soft than the real one and may sometimes exude chemical smell.
  • Wooden Frame is used in recliner chair to make it feel less tough on the bottom. It’s rust-resistant which is a good match to the chair’s fabric.
  • Steel Frame is used to make the chair more durable and supportive. However, it can be sometimes tough on the bottom and is susceptible to rust. Using a steel frame is also generally cheaper.

Can You Use a Recliner Chair for Dementia?

A great way to help someone with dementia is to make their own home as inviting and pleasurable as possible. In a case where you would want to buy a recliner chair for someone with dementia, you will seriously decrease their mobility problems.

If someone with dementia has trouble leaving a chair, it might cause them to not move around as much, especially since dementia is paired with other health conditions like arthritis or stiff joints.

The areas of the brain that control coordination and balance can be affected by dementia which is why mobility can become an issue.

If you are looking for a massaging recliner chair for someone older, follow that link for my article regarding these powered massage recliner chairs.

The Best Recliner Chairs for a Handicapped

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

Though significantly more expensive than ordinary brands, this chair has its edge amongst its competitors with these distinct qualities:

  • It’s made from bonded leather with bi-cast vinyl
  • It has a thick cushion that’s soft on the body yet tough for damage
  • Its foldable footrest can be hidden to make it appear like an ordinary sofa
  • Features smooth reclining system using a sturdy steel frame
  • Allows you to choose between a manual recliner or power recliner
  • Thick upholstery

  • Very comfortable to sit on

  • Comfortable to sit on

  • Easy to assemble

  • Expensive

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

Although the Homall recliner chair looks more like an office chair, it can definitely recline like your favorite massage chair. It can be used to almost any (non-)activities like sitting, lounging, watching TV, sleeping, and even massage!

  • It’s made from skin-friendly tufted fabric wrap
  • With large seat cushion for any size
  • Push back recliner instead of a lever mechanism
  • High backrest and headrest
  • Longer armrest for a more comfortable lounging
  • Easy to set up

  • Long armrest

  • Sturdy and comfortable

  • Thin faux leather

  • Does not rock

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

The exceptional durability of this recliner makes it worthy of every penny. It makes a good resting spot for disabled persons and the following features are the reasons why:

  • It has a soft upholstery but with a leather cover
  • It has a unique ball-bearing swivel base
  • Its frame is made of strong mahogany
  • Long backrest with integrated headrest
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Effortless swiveling

  • Best quality for convenient use

  • Sturdy and comfortable

  • Easy to assemble

  • A bit lower seating angle

Portability 82%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 81%

Perhaps the most popular recliner chair from Flash Furniture, this variant helps many people relax in their homes without having to pay for a more expensive brand. But what makes this chair different from other recliner chairs?

  • It is perfect to be used in many situations: home, bedroom, theater room, and office
  • Short and tall persons can absolutely fit in this chair as it has long backrest and armrest
  • It uses a knob-reclining mechanism
  • It can also be used as a swivel seat
  • Comes in 5 different color choices
  • Easy to setup

  • Long backrest

  • Doesn’t wobble

  • Thin cushion

  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow

Portability 80%
Adjustability 89%
Comfort 86%

This recliner looks like a folded chaise lounge and it definitely looks as relaxing as the other chairs. It is easy to maintain and has these features that are beneficial to users:

  • Well-stitched faux leather cover
  • Durable wooden frame construction
  • Waterproof and dirt proof
  • Stable rack structure
  • Thickly cushioned headrest
  • Can be reclined up to 160 degrees
  • Strong frame construction

  • Easy to assemble

  • Sturdy and comfortable

  • Seating area is a bit narrow

  • Not made of real leather as advertised

User Impressions

This section involves what people think about the 5 mentioned products. Reviews usually revolved around their quality and value for money

Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Recliner

Though most of the complaints involved about the height of this chair which is actually short for some, its overall quality is actually rated as very good and that involves being long-lasting, easy to use, and comfortable to sit for long hours.

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black

The price is great, the quality is good. The only complaint is that the fabric material of this chair isn’t waterproof which means that sweat and any liquid materials can penetrate the chair’s cushion.

Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair

This chair’s tufted cushion supports the back and head fully without having to feel its frame under the cushion. The only downside that previous users had is the above-average price and the quality is the same as the less expensive chairs.

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Recliner

The versatility of this recliner makes it popular by customers. Some complaints involved about the cushion’s thinness and the short armrest.

FDW Recliner Chair

Users attested this chair to provide the ultimate comfort. Elderly and disabled persons can safely use with only minimal support from other people.

Concluding this Recliner Chair Review for Handicapped or Disabled Persons

I truly hope this guide could help you find an easy-to-use and safe recliner chair for a handicapped or disabled person, as this could be a great home and health improver!

Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair

top pick best review

The best recliner chair for a disabled person is, without any doubt, the Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair.

It’s a recliner chair that has a smooth release mechanism that sends you straight to your ultimate comfort zone by a gentle and effortless-free pull.  It has a bonded leather match and overstuffed arms, seats, and back for a great sink-in feeling while keeping the feeling that you’re always able to exit it. It demands a minimum amount of effort to navigate the recliner, great for people that are limited abled.

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