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Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

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Looking for the best home office desk and have no time reading this whole home desk review? It wasn’t hard for me to figure out the top pick since it is the one I use myself!

I highly recommend the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk if you have a small home office and want to maximize its space. This home office desk is priced reasonably and it has nice features like powder-coated legs, tempered safety glass surface, a CPU stand, and a retractable keyboard tab. All this can be modified according to your needs, and you will surely enjoy how sleek and pleasant it is to look at.

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Comparison Chart

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk
Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves
Tribesigns Home Office Desk
Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser
Need Folding Office Desk Table
Price Range:
Pros:Elegant look, large working area Built-in storage, easy to set up Solid and spacious Stable and visually pleasing Foldable and adjustable
Cons:Needs tools for assembly Edges are sharpNo storage spaceDifficult to put togetherNo drawers; pretty bare
Bottom Line:Highly customizable office desk All-in-one desk at a cheap priceSimple and sturdy and can fit any roomThe best desk for a tiny officeThe perfect desk for heavy office stuff
Desk Type:Corner DeskCorner DeskWriting/ Computer DeskWriting/ Computer DeskWriting/ Folding Desk
Dimension:51.12 x 20 x 29”53.6 x 51.3 x 28.3"63 x 23.6 x 29.1”35.4 x 44.7 x 23.8”63 x 23.6 x 29.5"
Weight:57 lbs. 79 lbs. 48.4 lbs. 30.7 lbs. 48 lbs.
Capacity:100 lbs.100 lbs.900 lbs.Desk: 70 lbs., Riser: 20 lbs.
800 lbs.
Addons:CPU Stand, Keyboard Tray Grommets, Bookshelves Adjustable leg pads Riser Adjustable leg pads
Materials:Tempered Safety Glass, Powder-coated SteelE1 Particle Board and MDF, Stainless SteelLaminated MDF, Powder-coated SteelPress-board with a vinyl finish, Powder-coated metal E1 Particle Board, Powder-coated Steel

How to Choose a Desk for your Home Office?

So you want to find out the best desk for your home office. Home office desks are where we usually spend most of our time; whether we’re working remotely, contemplating with our bills, or watching cat videos.

It is as essential as any other furniture in our house, and we must feel contented while using it. A great desk must not demand a lot of space, and it must have a top area where you can place your important things on.

If you are looking for a replacement or just browsing to get your first ever desk, be sure to check out my top 5 recommendations that I ranked according to their price, surface area, and quality. These products are linked to and by clicking lets me earn a little commission.

The 5 Best Home Office Desks

Best review tip
Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

Who doesn’t want a little sophistication into their home? This 3-piece tempered safety glass with metal frame has the essence of a modern sleek design that nicely accentuates any corner of your room. If you need a home office desk with keyboard tray that doesn’t take much space in your home yet at the same time accommodates 2 computers and a few other things, this should be the top of your pick.

It packs with a keyboard sliding tray and CPU stand that’s mountable at any side of the table. Not a problem if your corner doesn’t have any free space left, as you could also separate this into two desks and place it wherever you want.

I like how this home office desk corresponds greatly to any room style, and it truly is useful in organizing your home office desk stuff that was once cluttered in the room. The glass surface of this desk is aesthetically appealing for my taste, and its overall black color is a clever hack in hiding your wires and cables as well!

Since this is a glass desktop, do not put any hot things on it without using a coaster. Be careful in landing your keys too, as we all know how the rigged body our keys scratches glass surfaces.

The keyboard tray of this might be too small for a regular-sized keyboard. If it is for you, you can modify it by dismounting the trey and make it as your monitor top while the keyboard would be under it. Now you’ve got your customized desk that can fit your needs and preference!

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Portability 83%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 91%

The best material within our budget range is the basic wood. Particleboard and MDF, which are commonly used in modern furniture, are the main materials of the Home Dakota L-Shaped desk is a home office desk with left return. It has a smooth surface area that’s easy to clean and provides enough space for your PC and other essential office supplies.

This budget home office desk with shelves to be used for your books and documents, and it looks fancier than what you’re going to pay for it. Another thing to like about this home office desk is the two grommets where you can easily slide in your cables from the outlet to your device on the desktop. It looks clean, well-made, and it only requires a few minutes of assembly upon delivery.

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Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

This home office desk appears ordinary when you take a first glance, and some might even find this unappealing. It really has the usual table design with a clean, neutral color. However, it goes up against its competitors by having the excellent quality for its price.

This desk is spacious and offers a leg room for tall people. It consists of track-style powder-coated steel legs with adjustable leg pads that allow you to maintain its balance even when the floor is uneven. The desktop is pretty sturdy as well; it is made from laminated pressboard that’s anti-scratch and is known to last for several years. You can choose among three sizes, which is good for those who want a smaller or larger desk.

The thick legs clearly offer robust stability, permitting you to place heavy items on the top. It is easy to assemble, with the fastest recorded assembly of 8 minutes. If you want to settle on a simple yet durable desk, this one is your finest choice!

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What Exactly are Particle Board, Pressboard and MDF Materials?

Most of the desks that are mentioned here use MDF, Pressboard, or Particle Board for the desktop. As what I’ve mentioned earlier, these materials are the most common synthetic woods that are used in lots of modern furniture. Many have no idea what these two are. I for one, mistaken them to be similar.

MDF, or Medium-density Fiberboard, is a product of hardwood and softwood made into fibers combined with wax or resin binder. It is generally cheaper than other types of wood, and it’s much smoother which makes it a great material for DIYs. Particleboard, or otherwise known as Low-density Fiberboard (LDF) is a product of compressed wood particles or chipped woods combined with resin or hardener.

MDF is denser than the particle board, but both are not good at holding screws at. MDF and particle boards offer the same disadvantage, they are both susceptible to moisture if weren’t topped with a veneer or waterproof finish.

Pressboard, on the other hand, is manufactured from recycled paper scraps bind together by applying adhesive and pressed with heat. Pressboard is generally stronger than the other two and more environmentally friendly. All of these materials are covered with laminates or glossy finish to make them more appealing.

Which Desk for the Home Office Should I Use?

There are many types of desks that can suit any person’s needs, budget, and size of their home office. One of these might be best for you than the other:

Corner Desk. This desk is known for its L-shape and is home office desks with a wide surface area. It is mostly placed in a corner to save space. If you have a tiny room and an unused corner, this one is perfect for you. Glass corner desks like the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk look minimalistic and neat while the wooden desk like the Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves can visually take up space but provides a built-in storage like drawers or shelves.

Writing Desk. Writing desks for home office only have one apparent function, and it is to provide you with a place to write or do your homework. They are generally small and sometimes include one drawer.

Computer Desk. These desks are also multifunctional, and sometimes they come in L-shaped size. They have a place specifically for a computer, CPU, keyboard, printer, and other office documents. Some are designed as home office desks for two monitors.

Roll-top Desk. These desks only have enough surface area for computer or writing but it uniquely has several drawers and little storage for your important work belongings.

Executive Desk. These big, elegant, and expensive looking desks offer an impressive surface area for a computer, files, and other office supplies. They are mostly made by costly materials like oak and pine and are generally more durable than board desks.

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Taking Care of Your Home Office Desk

Though pretty low-maintenance in itself, we still have to take care of our furniture to make them long-lasting and to further keep us from buying a replacement.

  1. For wooden desks with anti-scratch surfaces, it is easy to take the dust out of them. Just get a tissue or a piece of cloth to wipe them and you’re done. But if the desk is made out of pure hardwood without any topper, they are susceptible to wear and tear, hence, applying varnish or glossy finish on them for a regular period is recommended.
  2. Glass desks are usually not resistant to scratches, so be sure that you don’t place sharp objects on it. If you have your hot cup of coffee on it, always use a heat-resistant coaster. Inspect the nooks and crannies for a crack from time to time. Do not leave your things on top if you find a crack on the surface.
  3. Pressboards, MDF, and particles boards usually have a veneer or finished surface, and most of them are waterproof. Some of them are scratch-resistant as well. Do not attempt to drill these surfaces to make cable holes as they are pretty hard on the top but soft on the inside which can result in a horrible cut and crack.
  4. Always check for loose screws or bolts. Metal frames can loosen its bearings especially if the desks are frequently moved.

How to Organize Your Home Office Desks to Increase Productivity

Working at home, especially if our office is in our bedroom, can sometimes slow us down due to comfort and familiarization of the room.

Here are some ways on how to place your office desk in a manner that it won’t be able to stop you from working at your own pace:

  1. Position your desk in a way that you’re facing the room. If you have your back on the wall, it provides you with a sense of comfort and security. It could also make you become alert on whoever is at the door and thus, keeping you from being jumpy whenever the door is opened.
  2. Place your desk where the window is at your back or side. This keeps you from looking at unnecessary things outside while you work.
  3. Do not place your desk directly facing the door as it can take away your attention.
  4. If you own a corner desk, place it on a corner where it is still possible for you to see some space, whether it is the side of the room and not solely facing the wall.
  5. Do not put your desk near your bed or facing your bed as it can tempt you to sleep. Place it in a way that you can only see it at the corner of your eyes.

Where to Buy a Home Office Desk Online?

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

This is probably my most popular home office desk if you ask me about a good corner desk. It has a contemporary design that you will surely love to see in your room. It also has these features that confirm its usefulness:

  • Surface area is made from polished tempered glass
  • Powder-coated finish, hard-wearing steel frame
  • Includes 2 rectangular and 1 quarter-circle desktop
  • With sliding keyboard tray and autonomous CPU stand
  • Easy to read instruction manual
  • Comes in 4 glass and metal color combinations

This is the perfect home office desk for a small space!

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  • Elegant look

  • Large working area

  • Easy to assemble

  • Needs tools for assembly
  • The keyboard tray is too low

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

Another L-shaped desk but this time a bargain for the bucks, the Ameriwood Home Dakota offers these pragmatic qualities:

  • Built by MDF and laminated particleboard with espresso finish
  • Comes with extra side storage
  • With 2 built-in grommets for your cables
  • Great for small spaces
  • Comes in 6 color choices

The best home office desk for your money and for anyone who wants an improvement to their home office but wants to save money at the same time!

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  • Has built-in storage

  • Easy to assemble

  • “L” shape, great for multitasking

  • Edges are sharp

  • Desk space is narrower than expected

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

Are you a person of simplicity with a good level of finesse? This office desk is suitable for you! It has the upper hand against its competitors with desirable features like:

  • Triangular junction design for stability
  • Extra steel support bar to improve load bearing
  • Heavy square tube steel frame and legs with powder-coated finish
  • 97” thick steel legs for extra durability
  • Adjustable leg pads for balance
  • 2-step assembly method
  • Plenty of leg room allowance
  • Comes in 3 size and 12 color choices

The most spacious and wide surface desk area, Tribesigns is ideal for any room size for any user!

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  • Strongly and solidly built

  • Moden look and feel

  • Fast and easy to assemble

  • No storage space

  • Packaging issues

Portability 82%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 81%

Having a tight place in your home office can limit the number of furniture inside, and you must go for a desk that can save the disorder of things. This retro style desk with riser grants you multifunctional space-saving workstation at a good value!

  • It provides 2 level of desk space for a customized organization
  • It is made from pressboard with vinyl printed finish
  • Uses metal hairpin, mid-century style legs
  • Pretty sturdy frame with scratch-resistant surface
  • Requires only minimal assembly

This is a small, budget home office desk befitting for a small workroom!

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  • Stable and visually pleasing

  • Solid construction

  • Takes minimal space

  • Difficult to put together
  • Can be difficult to assemble

Portability 80%
Adjustability 89%
Comfort 86%

If you’re constantly changing place to find the most comfortable spot in your home office, a foldable desk is suitable for you. This open-concept desk from Need lets you transfer your workstation without a hassle of dismantling its parts.

  • It has a durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Anti-scratch panel is made from particle wood with glossy finish
  • Adjustable foot pads for uneven floor
  • Folds open and close in a few seconds, no installment needed
  • Highest weight capacity
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 5 color choices
  • Certified with BIFMA, assured with US office furniture standard

This desk is perfect for a tiny studio apartment as it can be closed and stored after use!

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  • Large work surface

  • Portable with ease

  • Adjustable

  • No drawers; pretty bare

  • Sharp edges

User Impressions

Previous users have something to say about the 5 affordable desks for the home office. They mostly talked about their appearance, value for the price, and quality.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Most of the complaints involve the home office desk’s lack of cable holes and the almost impossible way to drill one. The good side, on the other hand, is that it looks professional, speedy assembly, and quality that can last for many years.

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

It’s definitely a great purchase for many people, as this desk doubles as a table and a shelf. Its price is well worth its functionality as well. Other users just found it hard to understand the instructions for assembly, resulting them to spend a few hours figuring how to put its pieces together.

Tribesigns Home Office Desk

It’s a pretty solid desk with minimalistic design. The price is good for its great quality too. There haven’t been many people who regretted buying this item. The only problem some people found is the sharp edges that if you’re not careful, can accidentally hurt your wrists.

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

This desk has a cute style that goes well in a good interior design. It comes pretty sturdy too and users love how it is priced lower than average. The only complaint is that it normally takes two people to put this together.

Need Folding Office Desk

This practical desk is loved by users whose office doubles as a bedroom or living room. It is easy to set up and has no problem being folded on a daily basis. Problems customer encountered involve the handling of the product during shipping which then solved by its effective customer support.

Concluding this Best Home Office Desk Review

I hope this review can help you find the best desk for your home office and that no matter if you need a home office desk with printer storage or one with bookshelves – I covered it for you!

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

top pick best review

The best home office desk available is hands down the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk.

 This home office desk is priced reasonably and it has nice features like powder-coated legs, tempered safety glass surface, a CPU stand, and a retractable keyboard tab. All this can be modified according to your needs, and you will surely enjoy how sleek and pleasant it is to look at.
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