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Air-Pedic™ 800

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If you are looking for the best alternative to the Sleep Number Bed, my pick is the Air-Pedic™ 800 Series.

The mattress is 13.5 inch thick encompassing a 6-chamber, multi-zone adjustable comfort that works for dual sides of the bed, as well as give you the ability to change the support in your low back region to prevent hammocking of the mid-section and properly align your spine all night long.

The Gel-Infused responsive surface layering, along with their optional Airflow Transfer System, gives you a more reactive and lower-temperature comfort all night long. Paired with the perfect pillow, you are almost guaranteed a full night’s rest!

Comparison Chart


Air-Pedic™ 800
Personal Comfort
A2 Bed
Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Set
Easy Rest Gel Lux Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Price Range:
Pros:Dual Side Adjustability, Control Low Back SupportHighly affordable bed Adjustable, excellent features Good edge support
Cons:Additional Cost To Add Cooling Airflow Transfer SystemIssues with durability, off-gassing smell A bit pricey Has chemical smell
Bottom Line:Ideal for those with back issues and who need a custom sleepExcellent motion isolation feature A perfect solution for sleeping problems Affordable mattress with foam and air holes base
Sizes:Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split CA King, CA KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CA KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split KingTwin XL, Queen, King
Mattress Type:Adjustable Air BedAir Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Weight:73 lbs.55 lbs.74 lbs.58 lbs.
Thickness:13.5”8” 14” 12”
Firmness:Soft, Medium, Hard Soft to Hard Medium Plush Medium Firm

What are the Best Sleep Number Bed Alternative Options?

[Product relevance last revised: 01 April 2021]

So you want to find out the best Sleep Number bed and its alternative options to lead you with the most comfortable and customizable bed you could ask for?

Sleep Number beds are known for its incredible airbeds which feature responsive air technology, dual adjustability, and SleepIQ technology that allows you to track your sleeping pattern.

The firmness’ customization of the bed is the trademark of the Sleep Number brands. In this alternative sleep number beds review, I give you beds that are a great substitute if you want the Sleep Number quality at a more affordable price and greater features.

The Best Alternative to a Sleep Number Bed – Smart Bed Review

air-pedic 800
Best review tip
Portability 82%
Adjustability 100%
Comfort 98%

Sleep Number beds are quite exceptional when it comes to their construction, firmness control, and comfort. But for optimal alignment of the spine, you need to have a separate lower back and hip zone from the shoulder and leg zones.  This is because air displaces and when you lower the pressure, your heavier hips and low back will push the air away from that area and cause your spine to hammock downward in the middle of the bed.  With Air-Pedic’s innovative 6 chamber, multi-zone air system, you can dial up 89 different settings for each zone and therefore align the hips and low back with the rest of the spine.

With its outstanding support, this Air-Pedic bed is a great alternative Sleep Number Bed used by those with back issues, as well as those who are overweight or just need a more customized sleep that is different from what their partner requires on the other side of the bed.  Add-in the support difference, the longer warranty, RF welded strong Urethane chambers that aren’t glued like most other airbeds in this category, and their optional patented Airflow Transfer System to prevent body heat build-up and you can see why the Air-Pedic airbed system became my number one pick.

Portability 83%
Adjustability 84%
Comfort 91%

Talking about budget-wise bed, the PC A2 compares itself to the Sleep Number C2 bed. With a price significantly lower than its competitor, this basic bed series has fair durability like most airbeds.

Its pump system recognizes 5 to 50 pressure scale which determines the firmness of the bed. Like the Sleep Number C2 bed, the PC A2 has 2-zone technology allows each sleeper for a personalized control. This mattress has a 2” damask cover and 6” air chambers which are replaceable and washable.

Purchasing this budget alternative to a sleep number bed allows you to test it for 120 nights.

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

The Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 bed set is truly a luxurious piece due to its precise engineering and over-the-top performance that provides an optimal comfort to the user. The independent pillow articulation lets you optimize your head position so you can enjoy doing activities while your neck and back are still in a secure position.

As amazing as it already sounds, this adjustable bed set is able to lift 850 lbs. compare to the usual maximum lifting capacity of 300 lbs. of the regular adjustable bed. Its remarkable Wall Hugging mechanism allows you to easily lean or reach your nightstand without having to get up.

The cool gel memory foam mattress keeps you cool while you sleep and is made without harmful chemicals that create an off-gassing smell. Another thing is you can get a full-body vibration massage on dual chambers with just one click of the remote! You can save a light in your room as well as this has an underbed lighting with an alarm clock feature!

All these can be controlled by a wireless remote control and through easier access to your smartphone!

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What is a Smart Mattress?

A smart mattress is a type of bed equipped with sensors that assist to improve your overall sleep and/or has technology that tracks your sleep patterns.

Smart Mattresses are enabled by technology, and include different capabilities such as:

  • Automatic Firmness Adjustments – Smart beds have intelligent air pumps that adjust the mattress’ firmness while you sleep for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable Bases – Adding an adjustable base to your smart mattress allows you increase the incline of the head or foot of the bed
  • Sleep Tracking – collects data about your movement and heart rate as well as the room’s noise and temperature levels
  • Climate Control – If you get hot or cold during the night, climate control can help to keep you at your ideal temperature
  • Connection to Smart Devices – all this data can be relayed to your favorite smart device for further tracking

What is a Sleep Number Bed?

A Sleep Number bed is an adjustable bed that allows the sleeper to customize the firmness of the bed to their desired level through the use of air pumps.

The C2 set is the most basic Sleep Number bed which means that it is also the most affordable. There are other Sleep Number beds which are more expensive than this one but when compared to their level of comfort, all deliver the same relaxation. The difference of this item with the less affordable variants is its thickness and the lack of foam pad between the cover and air chambers.

The air chambers of the Sleep Number bed which is connected to a pump can make the mattress inflate or deflate. Using a remote, you can control the firmness of your mattress.

The C2 bed has 10 different sizes and starting from the full size, the bed has two chambers which are each customizable using its dual air technology. The Smart Number is really pretty smart for a bed!

Sleep Number Mattress vs Alternative Mattress

Should you get a Sleep Number mattress?

That depends on many things.

Sleep Number Mattresses are a great choice for sleepers that are looking for a way to customize firmness of their bed for maximum comfort. Especially for those who like different firmness levels depending on the sleep position.

Still, here are some considerations when selecting a Sleep Number vs Alternatives:

  • Do you really need an adjustable mattress? I’m perfectly happy with my non-adjustable mattress. The biggest benefit is when you’re sleeping with your significant other who likes a different firmness than you do.
  • How much does a Sleep Number Mattress Cost compared to alternatives? – Sleep Number beds are not cheap, but they are worth the price. With so many less expensive choices on the market, it is worth looking to see if there is a more cost effective choice that would suit your needs.
  • What features do you need in a mattress? – It is important to know all the features and compare beds based on what you really need. Why pay for features you don’t need? Alternatively, what if you want a feature the Sleep Number does not have – like dual temperature control? Make a list of what you want the most, and narrow down your choices from there.
  • What happens if you don’t like it? – Many mattress company offer 3 month trial periods for you to test out your new mattress and have easy return policies in case you’re not satisfied. Make sure you are happy with the trial period and return policy.
  • What is the shipping cost? – Shipping a mattress is not cheap. Still the mattress companies offset this cost to make it affordable for customers. While Sleep Number charges $199 for shipping, some mattress companies will ship for free, lessening the overall expense.

Taking Care of Adjustable Beds

Some of the tips below don’t just apply for adjustable beds but for normal beds as well.

  1. If the bed is in a sitting position and the pressure is concentrated in one area only, rotate the mattress regularly so it can recover from the sleeper’s weight. Rotation also applies to most beds.
  2. Hand controls, especially wired ones, must be checked regularly for damage as electrical cords are most risky when used with your bed.
  3. Don’t plug your bed in an extension cord. Place it in the main power source. It’s also not recommended to plug too many cords into an outlet where you plugged the bed.
  4. Don’t let your kids jump over the bed especially on the foot area or where the motor is as too much weight can cause the whole bed to malfunction.
  5. Don’t spill drinks or liquids on your bed. We all know water and electricity is a damaging combination.

Should I Flip my Memory Foam Mattress Over to the clean side?

Regular mattress always has the possibility of turning it over so that the dips and sags on the one side will be recovered once you use the other side. However, mattresses that use memory foams have layers which varied in terms of firmness, and there’s of course, one material that must be placed on top before the cover.

Standard airbeds can be flipped over to even the compression while adjustable beds can be rotated but can’t be flipped due to the fact that they have motors inside the bed. Hybrid mattresses can be flipped but some designs can’t.

Can I have a Pet in my Bed while I’m Using SleepTracker?

The Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Set can be used along with SleepTracker to monitor the sleeper’s sleeping activities.

Having a pet with you on the bed should not affect your sleep data if they stay at the foot of the bed, however, if they move a lot during the night and cuddle with you, expect that it will mess up your sleeping record.

Best Smart Beds Similar to the Sleep Number Bed

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

The legendary support and deep-rejuvenation system of the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt series make this bed the best alternative for a Sleep Number bed. Here are its amazing features that even topped the Sleep Number series:

  • Removable, washable, high-stretch performance panel SmartClimate dual cover system
  • Original Tempur comfort layer
  • Tempur-APR pressure relieving support layer
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • CertiPUR-US approved, hypoallergenic foam product

Is there any alternative to a sleep number bed you ask? Well, going with this budget smart bed you surely won’t be disappointed!

  • Durable and resilient

  • Firm and comfortable

  • Contours to the body

  • Very heavy

  • A little expensive

Portability 82%
Adjustability 88%
Comfort 89%

The support core of the Personal Comfort beds commonly consists of 6” air chambers and 2” cover. Although this mattress is the thinnest in this list, the following attributes make it comparable to the basic Sleep Number bed:

  • The air pressure is highly adjustable so the mattress’ firmness can be controlled
  • Unnoticeable motion transfer
  • Breathable damask quilted cover for a long-lasting support
  • Dual-zone adjustment technology with touch-screen digital hand controls
  • 25-year warranty
  • 120-night risk-free trial

Normal Beds compared to Sleep number beds is often just the price! This one has just as many features.

  • Highly affordable bed

  • Excellent motion isolation feature

  • Adjustable firmness

  • Issues with durability

  • Has a chemical smell

Portability 82%
Adjustability 85%
Comfort 89%

Homeowners prefer the Leggett & Platt Adjustable beds as they are known to have unique features that make them convenient to be used by busy individuals.

  • The bed has premium-grade technology that allows you to conforms to your body position and controls air flow
  • Has an underbed light and alarm clock
  • Foot and head articulation
  • Extra pillow articulation for head position optimization
  • Wall hugging mechanism
  • With 850 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Adjustable height bed frame
  • Dual wave massager
  • Programmable wireless remote and smartphone app control

A Smart bed with a wireless remote.

  • Adjustable

  • Lift motor is very quiet

  • Sturdy and well-built

  • Excellent features

  • A bit pricey

Portability 80%
Adjustability 89%
Comfort 86%

This Easy Rest Gel Lux Gel memory foam mattress is ideal for light sleepers but this may not be last long for heavy users. This, however, has maximum support for any sleeper type.

  • Made with 4 layers comfort and support gel
  • Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite washable cover
  • With gel ventilated air holes
  • 550 GSM all-stretch knitted fabric cover

A great memory foam mattress with smart bed functions!

  • Good edge support

  • Good quality mattress

  • Firm but comfortable

  • Has chemical smell

  • Gets a little warms at times

User Impressions

This section involves what people think about the 5 mentioned products. Reviews usually revolved around their comfort, quality, and value for money.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR ProAdapt Medium Mattress

In terms of comfort, Tempur-Pedic bed surpasses the Sleep Number bed. However, users find that its edge support is not exceptional and it tends to sleep hot.

Personal Comfort A2 Bed

The firmness control and the affordable price of the Personal Comfort bed make it a winner amongst its users. Issues with durability just like many air bed users have are the number 1 complaint.

Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Set

The bed frame and mattress combo make this set placed as the most expensive one in this list but buying it individually actually put this at a competitive price. Users are amazed at how this adjustable bed can do almost anything a sleeper wants in their bed. The only issue so far is its sensitive remote touch system which can be very ‘sensitive’ to be touched accidentally.

Easy Rest Gel Lux Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Most users find this bed to have a good edge support which is great for side sleepers. The only problem is that it tends to sleep hot and is therefore not ideal to be used in a hot environment.

Concluding this Smart Bed Review

I hope you found your replacement for a sleep number bed and that you found the best smart bed for you!

The memory foam smart beds mentioned above are chosen thoroughly to give you a comprehensive guide with your shopping. You check them out on to help you come up with the finest find.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR ProAdapt Medium Mattress

top pick best review

In a hurry for your search for the best alternative to a sleep number bed and have no time to read this whole Smart bed review? We concluded that the top pick should be the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR ProAdapt Medium Mattress!

The support, durability, quality, and comfort of this mattress make it a number 1 alternative option for a Sleep Number bed. It has excellent features that surpass the Sleep Number C2 bed and although they both have competitive support, the Tempur-Pedic is a lot more comfortable to sleep on. This mattress is an absolute recommend to those who want a brand new item with a Sleep Number taste.

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