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Relaxionchair MK-2 PLUS
Full Body:
Speed Settings:
3 levels
3 levels
Zero Gravity:
3 Space saving zero-gravity functions
4 automatic and 5 manual specific
6 automatic and 5 manual
4 automatic and 5 manual specific
On lower back and legs
2 heating pads in the lower back area
Shipping Weight:
235 lbs
101 lbs
3 Years
3 Years

Kahuna LM-6800 or Relaxonchair MK-2 PLUS Product Comparison

The KAHUNA LM-6800

To be honest, this is the most inviting design of a massage chair I have ever seen. This chair has so many functions that it’s almost ridiculous. When seated, it scans your body and your weight to optimize the experience with an individual custom fit massage.

It offers massage from the neck down to the feet with optimized full wrist massage. And hear this, it has a YOGA stretching function that stretches your body! This is perfect after a massage.

The footer also has dual foot rollers and the calves also get an awesome massage. It has “shoulder airbags” that also gives optimized neck/back massage that fits your body perfectly.

Also, upon purchasing this, you also get full installation service due to their “white glove” service. You pick your Room of choice and they do the chair installation as well as remove debris.

It has a space-saving design that lets it be as near as 3 inches to the wall.


  • 3-stage zero gravity program
  • Yoga stretching program
  • Computer body scan technology
  • Great customer service
  • Space-saving


  • The arm wells seem to be too shallow, that might result in your arms “popping out” of the arm wells during the massage.
  • The remote does not have illuminated keys
  • Missing a specific thigh-massage

Relaxionchair MK-2 PLUS

This is a redesigned version of the famous Relaxonchair massage chair and now comes with even more features. Known for its excellent build quality, this chair offers a variety of functions.

Of course, a zero-gravity mode is included and it works very well. It even has a three-level zero-gravity automatic mode, that, by elevating your feet, Your heart will work less and you can relax more.

The multiple air bags placed throughout the chair adds an even more authentic feel and a more ”compact” and ”tightness” feel to the massage. This is actually controlled by a body-scanning system, making the massage chair adjust to the exact pressure your body size need.

It has a remote controller with a large and highly-transparent screen. This makes it easy to operate, and the array of automatic features and settings offers little to no pre-knowledge to get the massage chair utilized. It even offers a Buttlock-L function, which massages your butt area.


  • The Premium Build quality
  • Realistic zero-gravity multifunctional massage.
  • Complete full body (including foot massage)


  • The remote controls manual selection buttons are not illuminated, making it hard to navigate it in semi-dark areas. There is also a beep every time you press a button that cant be turned off (Or at least i cannot do it)
  • The chair might be a bit too wide to fit into a typical interior door.
  • Can be considered a bit loud

The Massage Chair Comparison

Okay, so let’s do a short comparison between the products, and figure out which one might be the best pick for you.
To be honest, for the average consumer, any of them should really do the job you’re looking for since they both stand above 90% of the rest of the massage chairs in both performance and quality.


It stands between Kahuna, probably the most renowned massage chair company in the world, with the up and comer Relaxonchair, who has just pumped out a couple of great massage chair options.

Relaxonchair, residing in Anaheim, California, was founded by a team of people who sought to create an avenue for easily accessible massage chairs without the high mark up prices of retailers and unreliable sources from stores online.

Since then, Relaxonchair has been FDA approved as a registered medical device and continues to rise on the charts for the best quality massage and offering families nationwide the relief and comfort they deserve.

According to their website, Kahuna is a company that strives to become a true embodiment of ingenuity combined with diligent workmanship. Their company has traveled along the way with massage chairs since 1997. Since then, they’ve achieved top-tier results from product development to distribution with their massage chairs.


Zero Gravity

Both of these offer the highest quality of zero gravity on the market. More than 3 settings cannot yet be found in any massage chair to this date.

The term zero gravity means that the chair elevates your feet to the exact same level as your heart. This is supposedly minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebra and helps greatly with both pain-relief and relaxation. Because of the decreased need for blood flow, your heart is also allowed to work less and adding further to the relaxation. It’s actually a cool feeling comparing zero-gravity compared to a massage that doesn’t offer this.

This is not something that divides the quality of the chairs and does not lay any foundation in to which you should pick.

Bear in mind though, that despite the Kahuna LM-6800 has a space-saving feature, the tilt of the zero-gravity function does not in any way impact on the space-saving effect.

L-Tracking Massage System

This is just a fancy way of explaining that the massage nodes provides you with a full L-shaped motion and resulting in a full body massage.

What the Relaxonchair offers is a new feature that they call the BUTTLOCK-L tracking system. This is simply a more in-depth massage for your butt.


This function is usually available in top-tier products. Hi-quality chairs are often equipped with numerous airbags which are excellent for squeezing large muscle groups.

Both the Kahuna LM-6800 and the Relaxonchair MK-2 PLUS come with installed compressor, which inflates airbags, making more pressure on your shoulders, arms, legs and other parts of the body. This method is very popular among therapists. So, once again, chairs are a great alternative.

Some tend to believe that the Kahuna LM-6800’s compression is way too strong around the ankles and that the body-scan function doesn’t account accurately enough for the size of the ankles.

On the other side, the Kahuna LM-6800 has a double-compression function on the shoulders, which is usually the sorest area and the one in most need of pain-relief.


Both of these massage chairs are multi-functional. The programs they offer are customizable, so you can combine different massage styles to treat different areas of your body. Some of the most common massage styles are:

  • Kneading – This type of massage combines circular and up and down movements of rollers, focusing on pressure points. A great thing to stimulate your blood flow.
  • Shiatsu – This style simulates old Japanese technique which uses fingers to press acu-points. It is a great deep tissue massage which relieves tension.
  • Tapping – In this mode, rollers simulate so-called karate chops. It is a great technique to reduce stiffness and relieve muscle tension.
  • Rolling – Rollers go up and down along the spine, relieving pressure on both cervical and lumbar vertebra

The Kahuna LM-6800 comes with the innovative ”Yoga” function, which allows your body to be stretched out in a way that any other massage chair hasn’t been able to do before. This is because of the compression-points in the airbags.


This is, of course, very subjective. Both of them can both feel too strong for some, and some complain that they are not strong enough.

Both of them can be adjusted to different sized people, and the body-scan allows for an accurate massage no matter your body size. The best way is to test both of them, since I cannot tell you what you like, and don’t like.


Both of them have 3 years warranty while researching their customer support, I found Kahuna a lot more invested in focusing on a great reputation for customer service than Relaxonchair.

The Kahuna chair also comes with ”White glove service” which includes full installation in your home by the companies workers. This usually adds another week to the delivery because the chair has to be shipped first to a terminal in your area to be picked up by the white glove company. Be cautious, however, so that these employees are not too rough on your floor etc.

Relaxonchair has the standard “curbside delivery” from the massage chair company. Most deliveries are about a week from when the chair is sent from the warehouse. This is usually done the day after the placed order.

I think that many people have misconceptions about the delivery of a massage chair. It is pretty much as a normal delivery and is not as troublesome as one might think.


I have to say that the Kahuna LM-6800 Massage chair, with its delivery, space-saving quality, renowned company and quality functions is the one to go with! Their customer service seems fantastic, if you want to be sure about purchasing this one, you can call their customer staff and maybe they might be able to convince you!

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