Naipo Back Massager CushionZyllion Back Massager Cushion
Massaging Nodes:
Neck Nodes:
Neck Adjustment:
Yes (3 Levels)
15.8 lbs
15.5 lbs
AC & DC (For the car)
AC & DC (For the car)
2 Year warranty (30 days refund)
1 Year warranty (90 days refund)

Naipo or Zyllion Back Massager Cushion Product Comparison

The Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massager Cushion

Zyllion is a well branded and recognized company for producing a vast variety of massage products. Their products are all FDA listed, which means that all aspects of the manufacturing and testing are accepted and backed by the FDA guidelines.

The Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massager Cushion is a multifunctional massager that offers a good value for the money. It may feature a not so convicting design, but it operates pretty well. Simply, it comes with all massaging models you need.

Kneading, vibration, rolling, this unit covers all of this. Moreover, it is highly-adjustable, so you can easily find your specific weak spot. Additionally, there’s a heating model. A nice touch on the Zyllion is that the nodes are of different sizes, resulting in a much more authentic feeling.

Finally, there is a shiatsu model for your neck, which can work separately. A 20-minute switch-off timer is included, as well as one-year warranty.


  • Different sized massaging nodes
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • 3 levels of vibration intensity
  • High Quality and durability
  • Can have heating separately between the neck and back


  • Can’t adjust the height of the neck nodes
  • Can be disadvantageous for shorter people
  • Can be too powerful and firm on your back
  • A bit loud
  • The car strap can be too short for some cars

Naipo Back Massager Cushion

Naipo is a well-renowned company with a heavy focus on massage-related products. They pack everything great about massage into affordable products.

The Naipo Back Massager has pretty much everything you’ll ever need for a good massage and is competing in the top tier together with products such as the Zyllion. Attractive design, filled up with very good quality, for a reasonable price – Those are strong points!

Shiatsu massage, vibration massage, and rolling massage are some of the most notable modes. Also, there is a heating option. A shut-off timer is also a part of this massager. Not only that, but the whole massager is pretty simple to use.

You can have it concentrate on different sections of the back, like lower, middle and upper back, but cannot hold for a single position.

It comes with remote control, which features pretty simple control-settings.


  • Great adjustability setting of different parts of the back
  • Height adjustable neck nodes
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Not to rough
  • Great fit to most car seats


  • The heat is too weak
  • Lacks a “hold” feature to really focus on a specific area
  • The neck nodes can be too rough on your neck
  • Considered a bit bulky
  • Vibration has only 1 setting

The Comparison

Okay, so let’s do a short comparison between the 2 best massage seat cushions on the market 2018, and figure out which one might be the best pick for you.

To be honest, for the average consumer, any of them should really do the job you’re looking for since they both stand above 90% of the rest of the back massager cushions in performance and quality.

which one is the best between naipo or zyllion back massager cushion


Both of the companies are well renowned for delivering quality products, though “Naipo” has been more recognizable on the market, at least in my opinion. Naipo has been producing many different types of back massagers and that might give them the upper hand in terms of trial and error.

Neck Features

While the Naipo clearly gets the upper hand here, because of the adjustable neck height, the Zyllion also has an advantage over the Naipo in terms of the feel of the differently sized nodes. The Zyllion can have heating separately turned on between the neck and back while the Naipo can have each turned on/off separately.


The settings are pretty much the same. The Naipo can target different areas, which is a really cool function if you want only one part of the back to receive the massage. While the Zyllion does not offer this, it offers a 3-level vibration setting. If the heat setting is something that is important to you, the Naipos heat function might be too weak for some.

Both of the cushions come with remotes and work pretty much the same when it comes to using it in the car.


As mentioned, the Naipo is a lot softer on your back if you, for example, have a really sore back or have any other type of condition that won’t let you put to much pressure on your back.

But you should not be disregarded if the massage hurts a bit in the beginning since it is only your body reacting to the relief of tension. A continuous use of a massager is necessary to see any long-term benefits.


This is only a matter of preference. You choose between 1-year warranty and 90 days money back guarantee or a 2-year warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee.

The Zyllion ZMA14 Back Massager Cushion

This would be my preferred choice since it is not about settings or features for me, this one simply gives the best massage and it is a lot thanks to the different sized massaging nodes.

You can buy it over at

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