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misterback author who worked with award-winning physical therapists and doctorsMisterback is the author, founder and writer of

MisterBack is a 26-year-old student that has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and currently studying the Ph.D. Physical Therapy program. He has been providing information to people that have asked for it long before he started to write his own articles.

As a strength and conditioning specialist, he has had the fortune of being in an environment of award-winning physical therapists and doctors, where he also had great access to a lot of rehabilitation product.

He always strives to offer the best patient-service possible and does so by demonstrating both skills and history of excellence. His credentials range from CPR certifications, SCS certification and Kinesiology. Also experience in working with adolescent, pediatric and geriatric patients.

He has been tending to patients rehabilitative needs as well as developing, together with the patients, rehabilitation plans and advice on treatment – setting goals and lifting the spirit of anyone he works with.

He has been known for his great problem-solving approach where he always has a very solution-oriented mindset, earning the trust of both colleagues, patients and guests.

By providing modalities and therapeutic solutions through exercise programs that are focusing on both increasing the ranges of motion, stimulating the nerves, muscle pain reduction as well as involving how the mind works in the rehabilitation progress

He has been rewarded with premium acknowledgments for providing excellence to both practices, clinical residencies and patients.