how to find a sure-fire way to achieve and stay healthyThis article is a direct response to the increased lack of tolerance on today’s Pinterest stream of pins claiming so many completely inaccurate statements that the effort in fulfillment of these promises would render any person naive enough to buy into it left unfulfilled.

As I mainly focus on back-related and chronic pain articles, this is a bit out of my spectrum. But my recent interest in Pinterest made me really want to vent some of the things I find super annoying on that platform.

Besides from what I mention in this article, Pinterest is a great platform for information and enjoyment! I Highly recommend it, and follow me if you want to 🙂

This article is applicable to pretty much every area and niche that exists on Pinterest, but I will focus on the health aspect, considering my occupation as a Strenght and Condition Specialist.

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I will share with you the top things I find rather repulsive in the regard of tips in obtaining a healthy body as well as the things I find to be good enough to deserve your attention.

Ignore these Pins on Pinterest

Anything Mentioning Combustion Point Fat Loss or Fat Burning Zone Targeting

One of the most “won’t-you-just-die-already” myths still fluxing around on Pinterest is the myth of combustion point fat loss.

Pretty much everyone that has in some way been interesting in losing fat have believed in this phenomena.

You cannot burn fat on your stomach by doing crunches. Fat is stored everywhere on your body and the part of your body that is burning fat is not determined by where you target your exercise. It is determined by things you cannot influence, such as hormones and genes.

The ONLY way to actually do combustion fat loss is to do lipo-suction. This is however not recommended for health purposes.

The truth is that this is a scenario that a lot of people wish to be true, so if you’re a person dedicated to doing sets after sets of crunches in order to burn belly fat, it’s time you reconsider. NOTE: There is nothing wrong with crunches, but your result will not be belly-fat burning.

Listen to this: THE ONLY WAY TO LOSE FAT IS TO BE AT A CALORIE DEFICIT! Training is to increase lean muscle mass, which of course is both good for your health and great for an aesthetic appearance. The way training lets you lose weight is by burning calories, giving you an easier way to stay at a calorie deficit.

Trying to achieve combustion point fat burning is not only something that won’t work, it is also a big waste of time. 

Imagine this energy well spent! Like building a foundation of strength, a strong physics with core exercises that will guarantee to both increase your strength and your lean muscle mass.

It is not training, or the lack of training that is the reason your abs won’t show, it is the layer of fat that is covering your abs. This is something you control with diet and a calorie deficit.

EXAMPLE: “Do these belly exercises today to get a flat belly”, “Do these arm exercises to lose your arm fat” etc..

Thinking ANYTHING is a Quick Fix

there is no quick fix for getting a good healthIf something is a quick fix, everyone would do it. If it were super easy to get super-ripped, everyone would be super-ripped. Also, if something is achievable in a very short period of time, it can also be lost in an equal amount of time.

Anything that demands effort is something worth sticking to since effort equals reward.

Just like the turtle and the rabbit, a slow and steady weight-loss will give you the reward in the long run and will feel so much more rewarding.

A slow and steady weight-loss means that you will avoid the pitfalls. Studies show that a good estimate of weight lost each week should be around 2-3 lbs. This is great for two reasons, you will develop knowledge and understanding how your body works and reacts to the weight loss and shape your habits to the future keeping of your desired healthy weight.

But what about all these super-diets that are continuously posted on Pinterest? 

Besides the one that is obvious bullshit, the ones that actually work in the short run always tells you to cut all carbs, which will make you lose body-fluid resulting in a weight loss.

The purpose of excess fat is that it should be used as a buffert in the event of lack of food, which results that the fat cells are not very keen on leaving their “duty” as a survival-protector.

By doing these crash diets, you instantly put your body in starvation mode, rendering your fat cells in red-alerts, and all your body’s energy will be used in “keeping you alive” so you will feel very dizzy and tired as a result of this.

You did not gain weight overnight, so you would be smart enough to realize that you cannot lose it overnight. To hurry slowly by following a great nutrition diet that doesn’t involve any “schemes“, “secret products” or “revolutionary methods” is the way to go.

Another serious health risk with a radical fat loss by cutting down on too many calories is that you most likely will lose a lot of important and vital vitamins and nutrients. This might lead to compulsive eating, eating disorders etc.

Secret Shortcuts or Magic Cures

there is no quick fix or miracle up ahead

It really grinds my gears when I read about secret diets, pills or other types of secret ingredients that will “magically” do something.

A lot of Pinterest Pins promises this and that amount of fat loss/health benefits and what not and this is nothing more than a sales gimmick. Our bodies are in need of high quality and nutritional food, and this can only be achieved with common sense and a reason to really want it.

I mean, you don’t really want something you’re not ready to fight for.

Don’t be fooled by people playing on your guilt, they only want your money! Return to the basic, and only focus on things that is as natural and nutritional as possible, and stick with it. There is no “magic cure”!

EXAMPLE: “Lose 200 carbs in 3 minutes with this secret exercise”. This is from an actual pin I found! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

But What DO Work?

There are no one-seize-fits-all, but these are some sure-fire guidelines to both achieve and maintain a healthy weight. No sales pitch, no membership, no bullshit.

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal

2. Don’t drink your calories

3. Eat protein at every meal

4. Slash Your intake of refined flours and grains

5. Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber every day

6. Eat either berries or apples every single day

7. Eat a real breakfast

8. Eat and prepare your own food

9. One fist-size of carbs, veggies & protein each meal

10. No more added sweeteners

11. Get rid of white potatoes

12. Make one day a week meatless

13. Get rid of fast and fried foods

14. Eat regularly

15. Cut down on alcohol

16. Don’t go to bed full

What to Look for on Pinterest?

zach galafanakis thumbs up this works and is good on pinterest

Anything That You Think Will Work for You in the Long Run

This is a great starting point in what you should consider worth your attention. You might not know it until you have researched some content more thoroughly, but being mindful and critic of information is key.

Things That Makes Sense to You

If you like smoothies, find great smoothie recipes, if you like eating and preparing holistic food – look it up! Keep your eyes of every “promise” that is out there and focus on things that are clearly meant to give VALUE to you as a reader.

Things You Like

Don’t play into any guilt-tripping! unfollow every board that is making you feel unhappy and use Pinterest as a platform of joy, not as a method of fulfillment.

Help Others be Cautious!

I took my rant one step further and made another pin that is great to share around Pinterest to make others be aware of this, as I believe it is a really important thing to be aware of in this day and age of information overflow and marketing schemes.

enough with this stream of pins claiming so many completely inaccurate information pinterest post

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