6 Tips to Exercise Overweight Kids

Do you have a kid who does not like sports, or a kid who loves video games more than playing football? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to encourage a kid to exercise whenever he/she simply is not interested. 

However, as a parent, you’ve got more power than you think. You can do many things to help your kid be inspired to move more. 

There are several tips that can get your kids moving more on a daily basis, even if they will not be signing up for a football class.

1. Know that Exercise Looks Different for Children

For adults, exercising may mean burning a set number of calories or running on a treadmill for 25 minutes. However, children are active in a different approach than us. 

Kids work out in short bursts. They utilize their bodies in many various directions. Thus, whenever you are suggesting activities for your kids, you have to keep that in mind.

You shouldn’t think of yourself as a personal trainer, you should think as if you’re a playmate. 

Therefore, you can offer to play a family game of tag in your lawn, rather than sending your kid out for a jog. When you do this, make sure you let your kids wear comfortable attire, such as casual but athletic running shoes and soft, high-quality tank tops

2. Talk about the Advantages of Exercise

You do not have to encourage your kid to change his/her interests or hobbies. You’ll have to simply help him/her know the benefits of moving their bodies. 

For instance, if you’ve got a kid who likes to read books, talk to him/her about how exercise can pump up his/her brain with better focus and concentration. 

3. Get Sneaky

There are many techniques to get your children active without them realizing it. For instance, for everyone to cover more ground to get inside, park your car far from the mall entrance.

Or, you can suggest your kid to volunteer at a local shelter if he/she loves animals. This will allow them to get on dog-walking duty.

4. Know Why Your Kid Does not like to Exercise

It may be a simple reason, such as he/she does not like being sweaty and hot.

If this is a case, you can let them wear comfortable pants, fun summer clothes, and breathable shoes. This will help your kids prevent being sweaty and hot. 

5. Start Small

According to professionals, children should get around 1 hour of exercise each day. However, that does not mean you should tell your kids about that.

Your kids will not be going to do it if working out for 60 minutes feels like too much. 

6. Switch up Your Family Activities

Instead of watching movies together during weekends or going to a restaurant, you can purchase your own trampoline. Or, you can take a hike with a picnic lunch or head to a rock climbing wall.

To see what excites your children the most, provide some movement-focused and new ideas. 

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