Essential Products for Parents with Chronic Pain pinterestJust thinking about having a long-lasting and recurrent pain while pregnant seems so difficult, and it would be much more so when we’re in that situation.

To new parents with chronic pain, a simple parenting task like lifting your kid can be exhilarating, and this can lead to frustration and a lifelong problem if we’re struggling on an idea about how to cope up.

There are certain products that are made to help parents with chronic pain, and they are as essential as social and familial support.

Although these products are not for the purpose of treatment of the pain, they are designed to ease it and provide support for moms and dads who are struggling with a debilitating problem.

Good Products for Parents with Chronic Pain

1. Lightweight Stroller

To those who can’t always carry their child with them, a stroller that can be folded up to 11 inches and is less than 10 pounds is a lifesaver. It decreases the time spent of carrying your child without having to always put them on their bed or crib. If you want to buy a gift to a mom with chronic pain, this could be a great choice.

Going out for a fresh air or traveling to other places has also never been easier if you used a lightweight stroller over the regular one.

It can be put in a small handbag or in the plane’s overhead compartment while still remained to be compact and sturdy. A stroller with a Guinness Book of World Record for being lightweight and durable is quintessential for your baby’s comfort and you.

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2. Zero Gravity Chair

The zero gravity technology is invented by NASA and the zero gravity chair mimics astronauts’ position when going to the space to reduce the stress during takeoff. The zero gravity chairs, much to our disapp ointment, cannot make us float or fly, nor does it let us hover on the atmosphere, its benefits actually relies on the recline position it assumes.

To those who have problems on their back, neck, or legs, using this chair can relieve the tension right away as it decompresses the spine and improves circulation by elevating the legs above the heart. Good products for chronic pain parents can be many, and doesnt have to be that complicated.

Stress on our body is usually because of our fight towards gravity when we’re on an upright position. And by distributing our weight towards the zero gravity chair, the stress poses on the chair more than on our body, thus relieving us the pressure and tension and provides other health benefits like muscle benefits and lung improvements.

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3. Decompression Back Belt

A lot of moms with chronic pain are experiencing pinched nerve more often than not especially when their job involves too much bending or having a lot of repetitive motions.  “Pinched nerve” refers to the compression on the nerve. This could be a great product a mom with chronic pain needs!

A herniated disc is often caused by wear and tear or degeneration of disc that comes when we age, when we have too much body weight when we have a family that had this condition, or if we have physically demanding jobs. Sometimes, these pains on the lower back can get worse and become a lifelong problem.

A decompression belt can be of help to people who are suffering from pinched nerve, herniated disc, and sciatica as it decreases the pressure on the lower back area by traction. It allows the disc to return to its normal position while improving nutrients on your spine, making the pain a lot easier to bear.

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4. Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping isn’t always relaxing; sometimes, it is one of the reasons why we feel pain when we wake up. For parents who have chronic pain, sleeping on a memory foam mattress can help calm the pain on their back by contouring the shape of their body.

A memory foam mattress also regulates their body temperature so they don’t sleep too hot or too cool. Sleep has a lot to do with our overall health, and by getting a good sleep means that we’re improving our productivity on daily tasks.

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5. Anti-Fatigue Mat

For parents who have chronic pain and who are also busy doing their work and household chores, standing alone is a lot complicated than it should be. An anti-fatigue mat supports your leg while you stand and do your jobs.

You could also use a standing desk to make it easier for you to work on your computers. This mat specializes in massaging your feet, stretching your calves and hip flexors, and working your core while cooking on the kitchen, washing the dishes, or approaching a deadline.

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6. Cooling and Warming Compress Cap

One of the chronic pains that people are experiencing today is a notorious migraine. It characterized by having 15 days of headache in a month.

Although medication is common, they are often expensive and sometimes wouldn’t work due to the severity of the pain.  A compress cap can come in handy if you wanted to stay out of medication for a while.

It is designed to ease and soothes migraines with cool or heat therapy. It has gel packs that can be heated up or freeze according to your preferred temperature. It can also be worn backwards to sooth facial and sinus pain.

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7. Heating Pad for Pain Relief

If you have a chronic pain on your neck, back, shoulders, arms, or legs, a heating pad is a useful thing to have to reduce pain and muscle tension while increasing blood flow at the same time. You can take this almost anywhere, whether you’re in your home, in your office, or you’re traveling.

This can be used while lying on a bed or couch, while sitting or working on the computer, or by strapping it on the area of your body. For your convenience, heating pad also comes with a smart controller that you can use to adjust your preferred comfort level and the time that you want the heat therapy to work on.

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8. Multicooker

Perhaps the number one job of a parent is to cook for your family. And while you can choose to have a simple recipe, doing it often takes a lot of bending on the oven, standing in front of the stove, and walking to and fro the refrigerator.

This supposedly simple task for some can be difficult for those who have chronic pain. Not everyone can afford to get a maid, so a parent will do what they got to do.

This cooker amazingly supports people to do all the cooking for you while you sleep or take a rest. It has a function of 7 cookers in 1 appliance: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. It speeds up the cooking process by up to 70%, giving you more time to rest or do other important activities.

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9. Wearable Pain Relief Technology Starter Kit

One of the parents’ jobs is to take their kids to school, but sometimes, chronic pain can hinder this bonding. If it’s not convenient for you to use a heating pad, TENS units, or compressed cap, a pain relief device that is designed to be worn is preferable.

This device is worn below the knee, and it blocks the body’s pain signal to relieve the current and future pain. It can be worn during activity and it has a controlled app that lets you track your activities, your sleeping pattern, and the weather conditions that might affect your pain.

You could also manually increase or decrease your therapy dosage according to the level of pain you’re experiencing at a moment.

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10. Orthopedic Men’s Shoes

For dads who have pain on their feet that is also the cause of pain on the knees, hips, and lower back, using orthopedic shoes can alleviate these problems. These shoes are also designed as a protection for people who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy, and rheumatoid arthritis.

This type of shoes has a lightweight sole with air cushion to soften the steps.

The added comfort of these shoes allows the feet to spread naturally and relax them while walking. Walking a child to the park is one of the joys of parenting; and although one cannot always control the occurrence of pain, soothing or preventing it is the least that they can do.

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11. Bonus tip!

Having a good nights sleep in invaluable as a parent, even more so with any kind of chronic fatigue. Spending a lot of time in the bed is sometimes inevitable and should require a certain level of comfort.

The Air-Pedic™ 800 Series mattress is a 13.5 inch thick mattress that offers a luxury pressure reducing innovation for the ultimate in plush comfort, along our Gel-Infused responsive surface layering, which gives you a more reactive and lower-temperature comfort all night long.

air-pedic 800

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Summary of this List of Good Products for Parents with Chronic Pain

The products above are a compilation of essentials that are used by many parents to ease their pain or to support their daily work. Always remember, however, that before using a product that is intended to provide an effect to your health, you must see to it beforehand that you can take its effect by evaluating your condition or by consulting your physician.

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