Is CBD Oil Good for You? [And is it Legal?]

is cbd oil good for chronic pain back pain cannabis hemp pinterest new 2In this article, I am going to go over the subject of CBD, or cannabidiol. I’m going to start off from a legal standpoint, talk a bit about the current import/export situation going on in the US, how CBD is extracted as well as why it works and how it works.

I will also go over some of the brands and companies that are selling products that include CBD oil and highlight some issues that some of the products may face.

At the end of this article, I will go over a proper way to go about dosage and list my 10 preferred types of CBD oils.

They have both the 15-milligram capsules and CBD oil in liquid form.

You can also get the liposomal. It has a bit of a quicker delivery system into the body because the particle size is smaller and you can just spray it in under your tongue or put it in some water and drink it.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

One of the most common questions that come up with most people looking to treat their health challenges with CBD oil is, is CBD legal? What is the current legal state of cannabidiol, or CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids in the genus cannabis plant. And, yes there are marijuana or other drug varieties in that plant as well, but there are also natural hemp of non-drugs varieties in the cannabis plant. So, with that said, it would be possible to obtain cannabidiol from the stock, the fiber, the stim or the heard of the plant of the cannabis plant, in both the form of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

To make it easy to grasp, CBD oil that is solely sourced from hemp is legal throughout the United States, but only when sold as a dietary supplement. This means that every product involving CBD oil must be compliant with the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

So, in plain text – YES! You can get your hands on legally obtained CBD oil that is sourced from hemp.

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How about importing CBD into the US?

As mentioned, it’s legal to manufacture and distribute from naturally grown industrial hemp, you cannot grow it yourself!

So pretty much all hemp oil used in products sold in the US is imported from different international sources.

The reason this oil from hemp is legal to use in dietary supplements is that it only contains the extract of CBD, not the cannabinoid THC, which is listed on the controlled substances act. THC is the part of the plant that is meant to get the user “high” and is, as most of us know, very illegal to grow and for the most part use.

The Controlled Substances Act is a statute that regulates all kinds of cannabis, including the industrial hemp. The statute does exclude certain parts of hemp, such as hemp fiber and hemp seed oil from the regulation. Where CBD was the controversial extract.

What is CBD?

CBD is found in both hemp and in marijuana. The problem with marijuana is that it is causing an altered mind, so CBD oil is best extracted from hemp.

To further get some understanding, CBD comes from cannabis. Cannabis can be marijuana and it can be hemp. They are two different plants but in the same family. The difference is that marijuana contains THC, which, as mentioned, makes people high – and lower amount of CBD, whereas hemp is higher in CBD and almost contains almost non-existing THC.

So hemp and CBD makes you HEALTHY, not high. There is no psychoactive effect whatsoever. And as you know, industrial hemp is both legal and used in a lot of different products.

CBD has no negative reactions, there are no levels of toxicity, you can take large doses if you need to. It’s a plant – its food. It’s nutritive and won’t cause the same side effects like medical drugs do. It also WON’T cause any addiction.

What CBD cannabidiol does is that it works with the system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. And the purpose of this system is to feed all the other systems of the body that regulates how the body functions. It controls the nerves and the nervous system, which is hugely important for so many of our health concerns and struggles we are having today.

So, we want to put things in our body that feeds this cannabinoids system – so it can, in turn, feed all the other system in our body that makes us work, like the nerve system, hormones, and the immune system. This is what makes it so healing, powerful and so beneficial.

Although there are some foods that have some CBD in it, it is almost non-existing. Foods like chocolates and a lot of different herbs contain CBD – but not in any way compared to CBD oil extracted from hemp.

How does CBD Reduce Pain?

The way CBD reduces pain is that it helps regulate the nerves and the nervous system. So if you are in any kind of pain condition – even if you are on a lot of painkillers, this can help you get off of the pain meds. This is AMAZING since all those pain meds are toxic, they have different kinds of side effects and puts a lot of strain to the function of the body.

So, who wouldn’t want a substance that could both heal the body from this meds addiction at the same time help with pain management?

The cool thing is that you really feel the relief right away.

And something else, it is also very beneficial for sleep, which actually makes a lot of sense since it calms and relaxes the body. And because sleep is crucial in any type of healing process, it pretty much helps with pain in that way as well.

And we all know, without sleep we cannot either heal the body or function as human beings.

It is also good for anxiety and any types of traumas and difficult situations, since it both calms and relaxes the nervous system. It can also calm and relax both leaky guts and the bowel system.

In my opinion, everyone should take CBD oil the same way we commonly take both fish oil, Vitamin D and vitamin C.

And the cool thing about CBD helping people off chronic pain meds is that there’s no withdrawal effect. A lot of people when they take the CBD oil just kind of forget to take their pain meds because they just feel so much better. And again, there is no addictive nature – which is the problem with a lot of those chronic pain drugs.

The Immune system

CBD helps to control the immune system. So, think about inflammatory responses related to autoimmune conditions, If you can have something that calms and relaxes the nerves and the nervous system it calms down the cells and lets the immune system work on a normal level. In other words, it helps normalize the tissues and the cells of the body to work the way they are designed and supposed to.

The way CBD calms the nerves is because it controls the cortisol release from the adrenal. This is really important because if people have adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue it can help strengthen them and give them more energy and make them feel better, but if one has really much stress and panic attacks it can really regulate the cortisol release from the adrenal.


Let me go over the usage real quick with you.

However you use it, you just want to get it into your body. That is the bottom line of the CBD oil.

There’s not like a perfect way to use it, you just want to do the way that works for you.

You can use capsules or liquids that goes under the tung. You can also implement it in different kinds of food, like for example butter.


How much should you do?

2 capsules 3 times daily is 15 milligrams per capsules and a 90-milligram daily dose, which can be really good for inflammatory conditions or more severe pain type condition.

You can go as high as 150-200 milligram depending on your pain levels.

Just for general health, 15 milligrams twice a day is good for all kinds of mental health – like anxiety and sleep issues.

And this works for EVERYONE, even if you don’t “believe” in it.

And nothing is “prescribed” or written in stone, so if 30 milligrams a day doesn’t work for you, just double the dose, since there is NO TOXICS and no risk of substance abuse. Remember that I talked about it simply being a natural source of food.

You don’t need any doctor telling you how much you should do and whatnot.

There is also no negative interactions whatsoever with any other type of medication.


There are all kinds of brands and all kinds of products out there.

But companies can’t make claims that “these products do these things” – you can only say that “CBD does these things”. No one can claim that their CBD is any better than another.

But the reason I favor one company more than others is that the guy behind it is one of the most invested persons on the topic that have done a lot to bring this product to people.

Of course, every product is different depending on where they get the hemp and how it’s grown. Not all CBD is created equal and like anything other, people trying to make it cheaper to manufacture by using different kinds of solvents. Some of the US grown hemp can be subject to a lot of herbicides, pesticides and toxicity conditions.

The best hemp plants are coming from Europe – since it has grown there for hundreds of years in a completely natural manner. 

The only company I know that solely focuses on the high-quality stuff is a company called Elixinoil. Great company and great product. (And no, I’m not trying to sell you anything).

They have both the 15-milligram capsules and CBD oil in liquid form.

You can also get the liposomal. It has a bit of a quicker delivery system into the body because the particle size is smaller and you can just spray it in under your tongue or put it in some water and drink it.

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    I am 26 weeks pregnant and have fibromyalgia. Can I use CBD while pregnant? I contacted Elixinol and they said no, but I know they can’t tell me yes due to medical/law reasons. What do you think?

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      Im sorry but i am not at liberty to answer this question without infringing on your current doctors advice. If you are unhappy with your current doctor, I suggest that you look for another one (:

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