If you’ve got a friend/relative who is physically disabled, you should know that they do things a little different. Thus, they look for creative solutions to their daily challenges.

A useful thing is often the ideal gift for a person with a physical disability. It should be something that will make operating the electronics, cooking, bathing, or dressing much simpler.

Also, other excellent options are gifts that help relieve chronic pain or stress. This is particularly true if you consider the poverty and discrimination a lot of people with disabilities face.

The best devices and tools might often cost more. However, there are gift recommendations for all budgets.

Here are several gifts for someone physically disabled that you should consider:

1. Slow Cooker

Does he/she loves cooking but do not want to spend a lot of time bending over the stove? Well, a slow cooker, such as Instant Pot LUX Pressure Cooker, can do the job for them. Slow cookers work by cooking the ingredients for a longer period at a low temperature.

2. Kitchen Chair

Perhaps that person is feeling well enough to make their meals.

However, you know that they are not going to be able to stand for a long period. That is where a kitchen chair, such as Cosco Retro Counter Chair, comes in. He/she can utilize it to sit while cooking in front of the stove if they have to stir fry.

3. Grabber Tool

A grabber tool, such as RMS 32 Inch Extra Long Grabber Reacher, is not just for grabbing stuff that they can’t reach.

They can also utilize it to pick up things off the floor. Thus, they do not have to bend over, which can cause dizziness or pain for a lot of people with chronic illness.

4. Rolling Laundry Cart

A lot of laundry baskets are bulky and large to carry around. This is particularly true for people who struggle with fatigue and chronic pain.

To save them some energy, you should give them a rolling laundry basket, such as Simple Houseware Rolling Laundry Sorter Cart.

Aside from laundry, they can also use it to carry many items around the house.

5. Shower Seat

Having a place to sit can make showering so much simpler, whether that person is struggling with dizziness, chronic pain, or fatigue.

Fortunately, a shower seat exists, such as Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat. In addition to that, they can also use it to scrub or shave hard-to-reach areas of their body.

6. Grip Bars

Installing several grip bars, such as GreenChief Suction Grab Bar, in the shower can help them keep safe and prevent injuries and accidents if they struggle with balance, dizziness, or exhaustion. These bars can also be easily packed or moved since it can be suctioned onto the wall.

7. Non-Slip Mat

Whether you are healthy or sick, showers can be dangerously slippery. However, a non-slip bath mat can be very useful for people who have conditions that cause them to become dizzy or struggle with balance.

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