Your genes might bear some of the blame if you suffer from persistent low back pain. According to a new study, the possibility of developing low back pain from disc disease might be inherited, just like baldness and eye color. 

When researchers examined the family history and health data for 2 million residents in Utah, they found out that around 1,264 people that are diagnosed with lower spine disease was associated with degenerating or herniated discs.

One of the most usual reasons for stubborn low back pain is disc disease. 

Individuals with an immediate member of the family with disc-related low back pain were more than 4 times more chances to have low-back pain themselves. The immediate family member includes the child, sibling, or parent. 

What Do My Family Genes Say About Chronic Pain

At some point in their lives, just about every people will experience sporadic back pain. However, almost every individual gets better with a bit of treatment after several weeks or days. 

It’s common for persistent back pain complaints to run in families. However, the reasons for this have not been obvious.

Several patients with back pain frequently tell me that their granddad or dad had back pain as well. However, it might be that they have the same job or played the same sports that require a lot of impacts. 

Back pain is a very common issue. Also, it is definitely not uncommon that a person and several of his/her family members have back pain. Every year, millions of individuals visit a medical professional for chronic pain in their back.

While most professionals cannot tell exactly whether the chronic low back pain is associated directly with your genes, there are some studies that support that there can be a link between genetics and back pain. 

Back pain can be a result of a combination of elements. This includes environmental factors, your posture, your job, your age, and even genetics.

In the previous years, researchers had a hard time ruling out environmental factors, such as diet, smoking, stress, and much more, as the only cause of back pain. Nowadays, there are several pieces of evidence that show genes play a huge role in back pain. 

As of now, a lot of researchers are discovering that chronic back pain has a solid genetic connection. This is particularly true in the growth of lumbar degenerative disc disease

A study on 2011 about lumbar disc disease and genetics found evidence that back pain might run in families. Symptomatic lumbar disc disease might be inherited to be more specific. It is an illness caused by herniated discs or degeneration in the lower back. Researchers can’t find out patients’ response to treatment or the severity of the disease.

But the study does say that genes might play a huge role. 

Other vital findings from the study include:

  • The risk of lumbar disc disease was greatly increased in both distant and close relatives.
  • Individuals who’ve got lumbar disc disease were more likely to have a member in his/her family with disc disease.

Although this study is definitely a bad news, this doesn’t come without a solution. Like what all medical professionals are always saying (and I know you’re tired of hearing this but I’d still say it here), healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, drink plenty of water, destress regularly are all vital ways to counter any illness. Sure, there are great products that can counter the reality of heredity and back pain, but the final technique to wellness is still up to us.

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