For those who don’t know, the response of your body to stimulus is called inflammation. It is important for our survival.

However, inflammation often can be chronic and cause loss of function, swelling, and constant pain. This can happen in the spine due to conditions such as a fracture or herniated disc.

So, if you’ve got back pain, does that mean that what you eat contributes to it? Well, the answer is perhaps.

A lot of foods have shown to increase or decrease inflammation. Thus, changing your diet might help you avoid it when you’ve got back pain. 

Though there are a lot of safe remedies to lower inflammation, watching what you eat is one of the simplest ways. Particular foods can activate the body’s inflammation. Knowing what foods to eat and what to avoid can help keep you on your feet and lower your pain. 

Here are several easy ways to lower chronic back pain. 

  • Replace white breads with healthy carbs such as corn, peas, beans, whole-grains, vegetables, and fruits. 
  • Limit your sugar. Sugars are found in a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods. Thus, keep your daily carbs serving to the recommended amount. If you don’t know how to keep track of your carbs, a carb counter can greatly help you. 

  • Avoid saturated fat and Trans-fat. These are found in processed or fried foods and can increase inflammation. 
  • Cut back on animal products and switch to plant-based foods. You can easily track your calorie intake with the use of a fitness tracker.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of liquids helps the whole body operate well. However, it has unique importance for the back and spine.

The spinal discs are mostly made up of water. You can improve flexibility if you keep them hydrated well. T

hus, they can do their important role as shock absorbers between the spinal vertebrae. 

Go For Balance

It is time for you to branch out if you favor comfort foods. You do not have to change all at once.

However, you should begin working more seeds, avocados, fish, whole grains, and leafy vegetables into your diet.

All of these foods are excellent sources of magnesium. It’s a mineral that helps keeps bones strong and strengthen muscles in the back. Y

ou can also take magnesium supplements to help you. You can help your body achieve the required minerals and vitamins by eating a huge range of foods. 

Do Not Overdo It

Yes, it is great for your health if you eat nutrient-rich food. However, it can cause more harm than good if you eat too much of a good thing.

That is why you should eat the suggested daily amount and keep track of your portion sizes with the help of portion control containers.

Know Your Nutrients

One of the best known nutrients for bone health is calcium. It is crucial in preventing osteoporosis.

If you can, it is ideal to get your calcium from foods, instead of supplements. Dark green leafy vegetables and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. 

To help your body absorb calcium, you will need Vitamin D. You aren’t alone if you are low on Vitamin D. It naturally occurs in a restricted number of foods. This includes salmon, yolks, and egg.

That’s why it is common to have low levels of Vitamin D.

To ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D, a doctor might suggest you take a daily supplement, such as Vitamin D3.

Watch What You Drink

To give your back a break, you should learn to avoid some drinks.

For instance, drinking cola regularly can make it harder for the body to absorb required nutrients needed in improving bone strength.

Also, the ability of your body to absorb calcium can be limited by alcohol. Thus, not drinking or drinking in moderation is best for your back. 

The health of your back starts with you. Your dietary choices will make a lot of difference in the way that your back performs and feels in the future.

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