Chronic Pain Metaphors to Describe Your Pain

If a person has never experienced chronic pain before, it can be hard for them to know what it is actually like living with that condition. Oftentimes, it is not enough to just say “I’m in pain” to send the complete reality of what you are going through. While at some point, every single one of us has experienced physical pain, it can establish in various body parts, in various forms (throbbing, sharp, dull, etc.), and in various degrees of severity. What pain is like for a person with chronic pain is probably extremely different compared to the day-to-day injuries, pains, and aches that a healthy and average person deals with. 

Using metaphors is often one of the best ways to convey how you feel. Here are some of them:

1. Imagine that the clothes’ wrinkles are razors for your skin.

Furthermore, a herd of elephants has beaten you up and you feel a burning sensation inside your body at the same time.

Oftentimes, you can feel it in certain parts, others it is all over your body.

2. Almost every day, you will feel something the same as fatigue and aching of your muscle associated with flu.

Several days, aside from the flu-like aches, you will feel added pains. This pain feels like you have been impaled on a spike through different areas of your body.

It also feels like a huge thing has grabbed your spine and is tightly squeezing it whenever you have back pain.

You will also feel like your arms and legs are filled with huge rocks whenever you experience flares.

3. Imagine you have knives in your joints.

Every time you move, it will only hurt you. You will also feel something like you are being pricked by a lot of needles or a hedgehog rolling down your skin aggressively. 

4. Getting up is hard.

You will immediately feel a heavy and burning weight all over your body when you try to do it.

This weight presses you flat. You are like a hashbrown inside a huge griddle press. 

5. Imagine you are a voodoo doll.

A person hangs you upside down, pokes needles inside your body, crushes your chest, and twists your ankles. 

6. You will often feel like you have been thrown off on top of a building, then hit by a huge truck.

Other times, you’ll feel like you are wearing a heavy suit at the bottom of the ocean. You will also feel like your entire body is burning. 

7. Imagine there are millions of ants running around your bones.

Then, your bones are one fire. Next, these ants are holding tiny needles and poking your bones with it. 

8. Have you ever tried an intense workout?

The day after your first session, you will have a hard time moving your body and every single muscle you have is in pain, right?

Well, imagine having that kind of pain for your entire life. It does not go away. It will feel like glass rubbing together whenever you move. 

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