10 Back Pain Products for Overweight People

Top 10 Back Pain Products for Overweight People You will literally try any products you can find on the market whenever you are suffering from back pain, especially overweight people. However, it can be expensive and overwhelming to try every product before finding the ideal one for you with a lot of various remedies and products to choose from. In this article, we have completed a

10 Essential Products for Parents with Chronic Pain

Just thinking about having a long-lasting and recurrent pain while pregnant seems so difficult, and it would be much more so when we’re in that situation. To new parents with chronic pain, a simple parenting task like lifting your kid can be exhilarating, and this can lead to frustration and a lifelong problem if we’re struggling on an idea about how to cope up. There are

8 Must-Have Things to Bring Traveling with Chronic Pain

Once in a while, many of us need to travel to other places to tend to our business, work, or just for a little vacation or visitation. However, not all of us are fortunate to grow up with a perfectly healthy body who can do many things and go anywhere without experiencing any pain. To someone with a chronic pain, traveling must not be painful much

Why it’s not “All About Calories”! My take on this Mind-Blowing Study

"Despite the exact same amount of calorie excess between the two groups, there was a difference between them." This study, published in 2013, clearly shows the importance of staying physically active. This is even more important if you have a problem maintaining your ideal and healthy weight. The Study _______________________________ J Appl Physiol (1985). 2013 Nov 7. [Epub ahead of print] Normal Physical Activity Obliterates The

The “21 Days” Technique to Distract Yourself from Chronic Pain

I found a friend recommending this technique and i thought it would be interesting so I implemented it on a person i know suffering from chronic pain through sciatica. The number 21 is believed to be the time it takes to form a new habit. And the habit we would want to form in this specific case is to learn ourselves to distract us from pain,

What is Fibromyalgia? [19 Invisible Symptons of Fibromyalgia]

I will go out on a bit of a tangent here, but as someone that frequently encounters people suffering from Fibromyalgia, i believe it is necessary to shed some light on this terrible disease and what the people suffering from it actually deals with on a regular basis! This article will help you understand and maybe be more interactive with this kind of chronic pain sufferers

11 Great Kitchen Tools for Someone Suffering from Chronic Pain

Spending time in the kitchen is inevitable, no matter who you are. For some people, maybe living alone, it is required to put a lot of effort in both preparing and making food. Finding shortcuts such as buying pre-made food isn't viable in the long term because it tends to get more expensive, and those kinds of meals usually contain a lot of salt. Since chronic illness